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The Brother MFC printer copy scanners fax all in one office equipment toner based models  are good durable home office and small office machines. The Brother MFC models range from small inexpensive color ink based models to the 9940CN color all in one printer copier scanner faxes for small business (3..5 people).  Just like all equipment routine maintenance repairs are needed to keep them running.  One of the most common problems with the one based Brother MfC’s, as with all brands of printer copier scanners, are paper jams repairs.



95% of all paper jam repair maintenance problems with printer scanner copiers MFC  occur in three places: (1) ADf automatic document feeder on the top of the unit,  (2) in the plain paper drawer and (3) in the fuser area paper getting stuck drum the drum area.  The printer copier repair for the first two areas are not expensive repairs. They both require replacing the paper pick up assembly or roller and the paper separation pad or assembly. In fact, on some Brother MFC the printer copier scanner repair needed i indicated on the LCD “replaced PF1 fit” or “replaced PF2 kit”.  Both the PF1 and PF2 brother paper repair maintenance feed kits are USER replaceable. You do not need a technician to do the repair 95% of the time if you ave basic skills with a standard screw driver.

The Brother MFC fuser repair paper jam problem is a bit more expensive to repair. The fuser assembly on all brands of printers copiers scanners are considered normal wear and tear parts. In other words, they wear out over time and require repair or replacement.  ON some printer copier scanner fax machines repairing the fuser is as simple as removing a couple of screws. On other brands it requires you to remove covers, power supplies and other components.  On large copier printer new fuser as so expensive that most technicians rebuild them and the manufacturer offers a copier printer maintenance kits that contains all the parts to repair rebuild the fuser assemblies.  The Brother MFC printer copier scanners fuser are not rebuilt but just replaced as a unit.  Most Brother MFC’s fuser copier printer repair maintenance take an technician lessthan 30 minutes to complete.


here is the next set of copier repair codes fro Ricoh, Lanier, Savin and Gestetner printers copier fax scanners.  Remember repairing copier printers require more than just knowing the error codes. You need to determine the copier repair maintenance problem using the error code to point you in the right direction.

SC551 Pressure roller thermistor OP

SC552 Pressure roller warm-up error

SC553 Pressure roller overheat

SC554 Pressure roller ready temp low abnormal

SC555 Pressure roller ready temp abnormal

SC557 Pressure roller temp does nto increase

SC558 Zero cross signal abnormal

SC590 Exhaust/fusing motor error

SC391 Toner supply motor error

SC592 Toner black motor error

SC599 Copy exit tray motor lock

sc600 Communication error between main control and operation panel boards

SC602 Communication error between BICU & Hdd

SC603 Communication error within main control boards

SC604 Serial signal error in main control board

SC605 Communication error between main control and IPU

SC610 Communication time out

SC611 Communication break error

SC612 Communication command error

SC620 Communication command error BICU/SBCU and ADF

SC621 Communication error between BICU/SCBU and RADF

SC662 Communication error between BICU & RADF

SC623 Communication time out error

SC624 Communication time out

SC625 Communication error  between BICU & Finisher

SC627 CSs (RSS) communication error between line adapter & CSS

You will notice several of copier printer repair errors are very similar.  Many times several repair copier printer maintenance codes point to the same problem in different ways. Example are the pressure roller error codes related to the temperature which indicates that he thermal control parts of the fuser assembly of the printer copier need to be replaced. In some models this entails the actual replacement of just the thermistors. Advanced Business Computers is very experienced in the repair of copier printers scanners in the Southeast Florida areas. If you need further help in determine what an error code means please post a question here on this blog.

One of the most common problems beyond the regular HP maintenance repair kit installation is the failure of laser printers communication with the network.  If you HP printer, Lexmark laser or other laser printer fails to print a job then you need to check your communications.   On a network when you send a print job it goes through your switch to the laser printers Nic (network) card (HP jetdirect) and then to the laser printer copier formatter board.

The first item to check when repairing your Hp printer problem is your network cable on your printer copier to make sure its seated well in the printer and the network switch.  At the same time check to see if your NIC card (HP jetdirect card) shows a green light.  If the card does not show a green light then it is not communicating with the network or the formatter card in the printer. If this happens first install a new NIC card to repair the printer copier problem. IF the new card still does not show a light then either the formatter is bad or the network connection.

If you have a second network printer then take the network cable out  of the printer having the repair problem and put it in to the other printer to eliminate the switch and network cable as being the printer repair problem. If the cable works in the other printer then you know you will need to replace the formatter and possibly the jetdirect card.  If the connection does not work on the other printer then you have a network problem (bad cable, switch, other).  Repairing printer copiers communication problems is a process of elimination.

When repairing your HP printer or other brand copier printer  make sure you follow logical steps in eliminating possible printer failure to communicate problems. Advanced Business Computers Inc  is a great source for help and information. If you need a reliable printer copier repair company  contact then now for quick support and laser printer copier mFD repairs.


here is the next set o Ricoh repair maintenance error codes fro repair technicians. If you own a Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner or Lanier then these codes are all the same.  Repairing the complete line of Ricoh printer copiers is easy because all the Ricoh brands use the same error codes, parts and supplies.  If you prefer to place your copier printer under a service maintenance agreement or have questions concerning printer copier scanner repairs then contact Advanced Business Computers.

SC410 paper seperation leak

SC411 Separation bias leak error

SC420 Cleaning motor lock

SC422 PCC Leak

SC430 Quenching lamp error

SC440 Main motor lock/drum

SC441 Development motor lock

SC450 Paper transfer bias leak

SC451 Paper transfer belt motor lock

SC452 transfer belt mark detection error

SC455 Paper transfer belt discharge corona current leak

SC456 Paper transfer unit position error

SC457 Image transfer belt cleaning unti position error

SC460 Thermistor 1 temperature error

SC461 Thermnistor 2 error

SC471 Transfer Belt HP sensor error

SC490 Toner supply motor leak

SC492 Cooling an motor lock

SC493 Exhaust fan motor lock

SC495 Toner recycling unit error

SC496 Toner collection bottle error

SC497 Toner recycling motor error

Half the battle in repairing copier printers is knowing what the error codes mean.  If you are not familiar with copier printer repair terminology then you will need the complete service manual for the Ricoh, Lanier, Gestetner and Savin printer copier scanners to repair them.  Some copier printer repair maintenance codes are misleading for example motor lock does not mean you need to replace the motor. You may need to replace a gear set or during the repair of the copier printer find the paper clip or staple that is causing the motor to jam. If you need further assistance contact Advanced Business Computers in Southeast Florida.