One of the more common problems is a light print or a vertical area of a page with light or no text on the printer copier.  Most printer copier image repair problems are a process of elimination.  All digital laser or led based printer copiers faxes use toner and developer that are either mixed in the copier printer or premixed in the toner cartridge. Knowing this fact is important when repairing copier printer scanner equipment.

If you need to repair printer image problems then with light areas then first determine if you have a toner cartridge that contains both toner and developer or if you have separate toner, developer and drum unit.  If you have an all in one toner cartridge then change the cartridge to see if the problem is resolved.  If changing the toner, developer drum all in one cartridge resolves the problem than you are either low on toner or there is a blockage in  the developer area of the cartridge.

If your printer copier has separate toner, developer and drum units then you need to look at the developer unit first and then the drum unit to repair the copier printer light image problem.  If you  are low in developer or the developed mag roller has a blockage then it will cause light or totally blank areas on your print.  When you repair of the copier printer image problem be careful not to touch the mag roller with your fingers which can cause skin oils to damage the roller and cause future clogs.  Now check if you are low of developer powder. Some copier printers do not require replacing the entire developer unit if you are low in developer. Instead you just need to buy the developer powder, put in the powder and adjust the machine. If you are not sure ask your copier printer repair technician.

If you copier printer is not low on developer look for blockage in the toner hopper or developer unit. Blockage will either cause toner and developer not to mix properly or not to be transferred to the drum unit. Another cause of light prints is the fuser assembly not applying enough pressure on the page to fully transfer the toner but this is a less likely cause than a developer problem.  Copier printer repair requires qualified technicians to resolve problems quickly.  This article is designed to give you and idea of the copier printer scanner repair process so when you speak to your certified printer copier repair tech you have a understanding of what they are telling you.


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