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This is going to be a shorter post on printer repair of for HP, Lexmark, Kyocera and other laser printers.  Many times during the year clients call with a common problem when when they use more than on size of paper. Its the HP repair size mis-match problem. This error occurs when the laser printer receives a command from the computer to print on a size of paper not in the paper cassettes or the MP tray (tray 1).  First, this is not a printer repair problem.  It’s a user error.

If your HP, Lexmark or Kyocera laser printer drawer is setup as legal size and you send a 8.5″ x 11″  (standard size paper) print job to it you will receive this error “size mis-match” or a message that says to load standard paper. The printer is acting correctly.  If thinks is should be getting a legal job sent to the paper drawer but instead you are sending a standard size paper job.  The repair of the printer is simple:  change the paper in the drawer to standard size. Now if you wanted to print legal and you think you are sending a legal size job and you get this message the Lexmark HP printer repair is still not needed.

Always check the properties for paper size when you get this message. You will get the HP printer repair error size mis-match if your properties of the file you are sending is incorrect. Each document you send to the Lexmark, Kyocera, HP or other laser printer maintains information from the last time it was printed.  If the last time you used legal paper when printing then unless you change the properties of the file with your computer it will think you are using legal size paper again. If you printer has standard paper and the computer says legal then you will get a size mis match error. The computer ALWAYS overrides the printers default configuration.

The MP tray is a little different. The MP tray can not tell the difference between legal or standard size paper.  If you say legal and it has standard 90% of the time you will get a paper jam! Why? Because it is expecting a long sheet of paper when it is printing and when it see the end of the page too soon it will give you a error. This is a simple HP repair maintenance problem resolution.

This simplifies the repair of HP Lexmark Kyocera printers.  Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami Florida will help with your repair problem with one simple phone call 305 477-2320 or send them an email for additional help with your laser printer copier fax repairs and maintenance.


What the the normal cases of lines on printer copier fax machines?  Resolving lines on pages is as easy as cleaning the glass in the adf area and as difficult to repair rebuild copier printer fuser assembly.  First, lines are caused usually caused by one of the three following printer copier repair problems: dirty glass in the scanner area, bad drum/blade,  or fuser assembly maintenance needed.  depending upon your printer copier scanner follow the following steps to determine the cause of your printer repair maintenance needs.

First, does the line show up when you are printing, copying or both? If the copier printer fax multi-function equipment is producing lines only when you fax out then the problem is the scanner glass. You will need to open the ADF (automatic document feeder) which is the part you feed the pager you are trying to copy or fax out.  Fine the scanner glass which is usually 1 inch in length and 11 to 17″ long. Cleaning the scanner glass is a regular Copier printer maintenance that does not require a technician. Remember, I am not talking about the large glass on the flat bed of your copier printer scanner.  The automatic feeder has a separate scan glass in the ADF area usually designed for easy access.

If you are getting lines if when printing or if the scanner glass is not the cause then you need to check the fuser and/or drum/developer unit of your printer copier fax multi-function device.  Depending upon you equipment this may require a copier printer repair technician to perform the task. If the line are horizontal across the page they the get a bit lighter after a few pages (you need to print several pages at one time) then its the drum unit causing the problem. If the lines are pencil thin then it is usually the drum unit too.

The fuser assembly on your copier printer may need a complete maintenance kit or replacement depending upon you model if your printer copier repair problem consist of thick lines or lines that are not solid all the way down the page.  Put out the fuser assembly and see if the upper heat roller coating is wearing away.  when repairing copier printers the technicians can determine the problem if less than 30 minutes. Remember to get certified printer copier repair maintenance service technicians. Be careful of one man operations or companies that can not explain over the phone print copier repair costs.



One of the more common problems is a light print or a vertical area of a page with light or no text on the printer copier.  Most printer copier image repair problems are a process of elimination.  All digital laser or led based printer copiers faxes use toner and developer that are either mixed in the copier printer or premixed in the toner cartridge. Knowing this fact is important when repairing copier printer scanner equipment.

If you need to repair printer image problems then with light areas then first determine if you have a toner cartridge that contains both toner and developer or if you have separate toner, developer and drum unit.  If you have an all in one toner cartridge then change the cartridge to see if the problem is resolved.  If changing the toner, developer drum all in one cartridge resolves the problem than you are either low on toner or there is a blockage in  the developer area of the cartridge.

If your printer copier has separate toner, developer and drum units then you need to look at the developer unit first and then the drum unit to repair the copier printer light image problem.  If you  are low in developer or the developed mag roller has a blockage then it will cause light or totally blank areas on your print.  When you repair of the copier printer image problem be careful not to touch the mag roller with your fingers which can cause skin oils to damage the roller and cause future clogs.  Now check if you are low of developer powder. Some copier printers do not require replacing the entire developer unit if you are low in developer. Instead you just need to buy the developer powder, put in the powder and adjust the machine. If you are not sure ask your copier printer repair technician.

If you copier printer is not low on developer look for blockage in the toner hopper or developer unit. Blockage will either cause toner and developer not to mix properly or not to be transferred to the drum unit. Another cause of light prints is the fuser assembly not applying enough pressure on the page to fully transfer the toner but this is a less likely cause than a developer problem.  Copier printer repair requires qualified technicians to resolve problems quickly.  This article is designed to give you and idea of the copier printer scanner repair process so when you speak to your certified printer copier repair tech you have a understanding of what they are telling you.


Here is the next batch of copier repair codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier printer copier scanner MFD machines.  These copier repair maintenance error codes are actual codes to report printer copier repair problems to service technicians.

SC380 – Data transmission time out

SC381 – Charge potential abnormal

SC-382 Data transmission time out video

SC-383 VL adjustmnet error

SC-383 Data transmission time out connect copy

SC-385 ID sensor VSG adjustment error

SC-386 Data transmission time out

SC-387 Development gamma error

SC-388 Data transmission time out

SC-389 Development gamma calculation error

SC-390 CRC error/TD sensor adjustment error

SC-392 TD Sensor initial error

SC-395 Development output adnormal

SC-400 Transfer roller leak error

SC-401 Transfer output abnormal

SC-401-1 Transfer roller leak detected

SC-401-2 Transfer roller lease open

SC–402 – transfer roller leak

SC-403 Transfer belt position sensor

SC-405 – Transfer Belt position abnormal

SC-406 – Transfer roller position abnormal

May of the copier printer repair maintenance service codes are not very explanatory.  You will need the Ricoh, Savin, Lanier and Gestetner repair maintenance service manuals to determine the correct course of copier repair procedures.   The copier repair maintenance service manuals details the meaning of the codes and gives the the step by step procures to repair the copier printers.