This copier repair error code list is getting longer and longer. the Ricoh, Lanier Savin and Gestetner repair copier printer scanner codes will take several more blog posts to complete.  If you need them fasted contact Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami for a quick copier printer repair quote.  Some of the copier repair problems and maintenance mean the same and refer to the same printer copier repair procedures.  Make sure you reference the service manual for detail printer copier repair instructions.

Here is the next batch of ricoh savin lanier and gestetner copier printer service repair maintenance codes.

SC340 TD sensor output error

SC341  TD sensor adjustment error

SC342 TD Sensor adjustment error 2

SC 343 Yellow sleeve motor lock

SC 344 Magenta sleeve motor lock

SC 345 Developer  bias leak

SC 346 Color developement motor lock

SC 350 sensor/patern test error 1

SC 351 Sensor/VSG test error 2

SC 352 Sensor/pattern edge detect error 3

SC 353 Sensor LED current adnormal erro 4

SC 354 ID sensor error 5

SC 355 Yellow TD sensor adjustment error

SC 356 Magenta TD sensor gain adjustment error

SC 357 Cyan TD sensor gain adjustment error

SC 360 hard disk detection error 1

SC 362 hard disk detection error 2

SC 364 hard disk error

SC 365 Image storage address error

SC 366 hard disk bad sector max

SC 367 hard disk bad sector

SC 370 IMAC input FIFO error

SC 371 Yellow TD sensor detection error

SC 372 IMAC output error

SC 373 Magenta TD Sensor detection error

SC 374 IMAC modes setting error

SC 375 Yellow TD sensor lower detection abnormal

SC 376 Data transmission error

SC 377 Magenta TD lower

Next posting we will start with the calibration errors for repairing the copiers printer by Savin Ricoh and Gestetner.  If you are handy with tools you can handle simple repairs such as replacing fuser, drums and developers for the copier printers. However, may repairs requires technical knowledge and experience in copier printer repairs and maintenance. You may want to consider copier printer lease maintenance agreements that cover all supplies, repairs and labor on your printer copier scanner equipment for your business.

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