One of the most frustrating parts of copier printer repair service is to quickly determine the meaning of error codes.  Savin, Ricoh, Gestetner and Lanier copier printer repair maintenance codes are all the same. The copiers use the same maintenance and repairs parts because all are manufactured by Ricoh corporation,

The following list of copier maintenance repair error codes are directly from the Ricoh service manuals.   If you are familiar with repairing Ricoh and Lanier copier printer them the errors codes are group by problem.  Several of the copier printer error codes are very similar.  This group of printer copier error codes from Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier copiers scanners start with copier repair error code SC184 and ends at SC306.

SC 184 CIS Transmission error

SC191 BAr code scanning error

SC192 Automated SBU adjustment error

SC193 Image transfer error/IDU error

SC194 SBU white level detection error

SC195 DF gate assert error

SC196 DF gate negate error

SC197 DF gate error

SC198 Memory address error

SC188 DF scanning finish error

SC201 Polygon motor error

SC220 Laser synchronization detection error

SC221 Scan length detection errro

SC230 BCU received no feedback from LD F-gate timeout

SC231 Laser beam feedback from LD F-gate error

SC240 LD power supply excessive

SC260 HP sensor error

SC261 HP sensor not turning off

SC285 Line position error

SC300 Charge corona output error 1

SC301 Charge corona output error 2

SC302 Charge corona output error 3 grid voltage error

SC303 Charge corona output error 4 grid leak

SC304 Charge roller current correction error

SC305 Charge corona wire cleaner error 1

SC306 Charge corona wire cleaner error 2

Next week look for another list of copier printer repair maintenance error codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier brands of printer copier scanners.  if you have printer repair or copier repair questions please post a question here or contact Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami Florida for more repair help and problem solving.