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First, let make a general statement that none of the above copier printer scanner fax machine manufacturer say: they all make a bad model once an a while and some of them make many bad models. However,  looking at the past 3 years history on actual service calls and by actual technician as that are NOT committed only one particular brand there are some clear winners.  many copier printer scanner companies only offer one brand due to the fact they have to invest large sums of money to become FACTORY AUTHORIZED.  IN fact, many manufactures of copier priers force dealers to be only related to one brand of they will not get authorization. What does this mean to you?

Simply put, if you talk to a Sharp dealer then Sharp is best, if you talk to a Xerox dealer then Xerox is best, if you talk to a Canon dealer then Canon is best.  So how do you know which one is actually the best copier printer scanner? Talk to independent dealers, check the copier printer Bertl reports,  Best Buy reports, consumer reports and finally the resell value. However, when you check the resell value on a used copier printer do not ASK the dealer! Why because their book value is usually way, way higher than actual value.

Ok in the resell market the HOTTEST printers (the hardest ones to get by dealers) are Kyocera 3035, 4035 and 5035 in the black/white models and for color copier printers Ricoh colors MPC series.  How is this know?  This is determined by how long a particular model of copier printer stays in inventory of major wholesale distributors of used copier printers. These distributors supply copier printer dealers with used machines to resell or export.  Presently, of the three largest dealers the Kyocera 3035, 4035, and 5035 do not last even one day!

Why are Kyocera so good? Because they are very clean operating, extremely reliable and very long duty cycle (time between replacing the copier printer scanner maintenance kits).

What is the biggest name used copier printer machines? Canon and Ricoh however, they are not the best.  Which ones do independent resellers stay away from due to problems, excessive repair costs and poor quality? Toshiba, Xerox  and Minolta.  Beyond the model what else should you consider when selecting a used or reconditioned copier printer fax? duty cycle, number of current pages on unit, warranty, age (this is a big one) and reliability of the dealer (is it a one man show or a company with several repair technicians?).

This copier repair error code list is getting longer and longer. the Ricoh, Lanier Savin and Gestetner repair copier printer scanner codes will take several more blog posts to complete.  If you need them fasted contact Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami for a quick copier printer repair quote.  Some of the copier repair problems and maintenance mean the same and refer to the same printer copier repair procedures.  Make sure you reference the service manual for detail printer copier repair instructions.

Here is the next batch of ricoh savin lanier and gestetner copier printer service repair maintenance codes.

SC340 TD sensor output error

SC341  TD sensor adjustment error

SC342 TD Sensor adjustment error 2

SC 343 Yellow sleeve motor lock

SC 344 Magenta sleeve motor lock

SC 345 Developer  bias leak

SC 346 Color developement motor lock

SC 350 sensor/patern test error 1

SC 351 Sensor/VSG test error 2

SC 352 Sensor/pattern edge detect error 3

SC 353 Sensor LED current adnormal erro 4

SC 354 ID sensor error 5

SC 355 Yellow TD sensor adjustment error

SC 356 Magenta TD sensor gain adjustment error

SC 357 Cyan TD sensor gain adjustment error

SC 360 hard disk detection error 1

SC 362 hard disk detection error 2

SC 364 hard disk error

SC 365 Image storage address error

SC 366 hard disk bad sector max

SC 367 hard disk bad sector

SC 370 IMAC input FIFO error

SC 371 Yellow TD sensor detection error

SC 372 IMAC output error

SC 373 Magenta TD Sensor detection error

SC 374 IMAC modes setting error

SC 375 Yellow TD sensor lower detection abnormal

SC 376 Data transmission error

SC 377 Magenta TD lower

Next posting we will start with the calibration errors for repairing the copiers printer by Savin Ricoh and Gestetner.  If you are handy with tools you can handle simple repairs such as replacing fuser, drums and developers for the copier printers. However, may repairs requires technical knowledge and experience in copier printer repairs and maintenance. You may want to consider copier printer lease maintenance agreements that cover all supplies, repairs and labor on your printer copier scanner equipment for your business.

Copier printer repair first step in problem resolution is to determine the actual error.  If you plan to repair copiers or printer copier multi function office equipment then having a current list of error codes is essential.  Once you understand the copier repair error you can either opt or make sure your copier repair technician is qualified to do the work.

Before you choose a copier repair technician or maintenance company test their knowledge.  Call the copier printer repair company ask give them the error code and see if they can quickly determine what the printer copier repair error code means and provide a valid solution.  Do worry if the copier printer repair company say they need to see the machine first before they will give you a possible solution. Qualified copier printer repair facilities haev the ability to give phone quotes. be very careful of ones who can not.

Here is the next batch of error repair codes for Savin, Gestetner, Ricoh and Lanier copier printer scanner machines.

SC310 Potential sensor calibration error 1

SC311  Potential sensor calibration error 2

SC312  Potential sensor calibration error 3

SC314  Potential sensor calibration error 4

SC315  Potential sensor calibration error 5

SC316  Potential sensor calibration error 6

SC317  Potential sensor calibration error 7

SC320 Poylgon motor error/lock

SC321 Nolaser writing signal F-gate error 1

SC322 1st laser synchronization signal error

SC323 LD drive current over

SC324 Drive current over

SC325 Magnification correction error

SC326 2nd laser synchronization error

SC327 LD unit home position error 1

SC328 LD unit home position error 2

SC329 LD unit home position error3

SC320 LD unit no intial setting

SC321 LD unit home position error 4

SC332 LD unit present position error

sc335 Polygonal mirror motor error 1

sc336 Polygonal mirror motor error 2

sc337 Polygonal mirror motor error 3

sc338 Polygonal mirror motor error 4

Copier printer repair maintenance error codes are usually bunched in groups. You will notice several of the above printer copier service repair codes all related to the polygonal motor (laser motor).   This simplifies the repair of  copiers for copier printer technicians.  Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami Florida will help with your repair problem with one simple phone call 305 477-2320 or send them an email for additional help with your Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner or Lanier copier printer scanners repairs and maintenance.

One of the most frustrating parts of copier printer repair service is to quickly determine the meaning of error codes.  Savin, Ricoh, Gestetner and Lanier copier printer repair maintenance codes are all the same. The copiers use the same maintenance and repairs parts because all are manufactured by Ricoh corporation,

The following list of copier maintenance repair error codes are directly from the Ricoh service manuals.   If you are familiar with repairing Ricoh and Lanier copier printer them the errors codes are group by problem.  Several of the copier printer error codes are very similar.  This group of printer copier error codes from Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier copiers scanners start with copier repair error code SC184 and ends at SC306.

SC 184 CIS Transmission error

SC191 BAr code scanning error

SC192 Automated SBU adjustment error

SC193 Image transfer error/IDU error

SC194 SBU white level detection error

SC195 DF gate assert error

SC196 DF gate negate error

SC197 DF gate error

SC198 Memory address error

SC188 DF scanning finish error

SC201 Polygon motor error

SC220 Laser synchronization detection error

SC221 Scan length detection errro

SC230 BCU received no feedback from LD F-gate timeout

SC231 Laser beam feedback from LD F-gate error

SC240 LD power supply excessive

SC260 HP sensor error

SC261 HP sensor not turning off

SC285 Line position error

SC300 Charge corona output error 1

SC301 Charge corona output error 2

SC302 Charge corona output error 3 grid voltage error

SC303 Charge corona output error 4 grid leak

SC304 Charge roller current correction error

SC305 Charge corona wire cleaner error 1

SC306 Charge corona wire cleaner error 2

Next week look for another list of copier printer repair maintenance error codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier brands of printer copier scanners.  if you have printer repair or copier repair questions please post a question here or contact Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami Florida for more repair help and problem solving.