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The following is a partial list of Service repair codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier. I will list other Ricoh repair error service codes in the in groups in during the following few weeks as time permits. If you have a particular Lanier Ricoh Savin or Gestetner error code you need to be defined to repair your copier printer scanner please post a question.

The copier repair codes and printer service codes were derived from the service manuals from Ricoh Lanier. If you are familiar with repairing Ricoh and Lanier copier printer them you know that Ricoh, Lanier, Savin and Gestetner are all the same machines but with different names. They use the same repair parts and share the same copier printer error codes.

The first group of Rioch Savin Gestetner and Lanier copier printer scanner repair codes include mostly services codes related to the scanner portion.

SC101 Exposure lamp error

SC107 Sacnner Lamp regulator Malfunction

SC120 Scanner home position error 1

SC121 Scanner home position error 2

SC 122 Scanner home position error 3

SC123 Scanner home position error 4

SC125 Scanner motor speed error 1

SC126 Scanner motor speed error 2

SC127 Scanner motor encoder rotating direction error

SC128 Scanner motor start erro

SC129 Scanner motor speed control error

SC130 SBU defective error/Scanner start adnormal

SC131 F-Gate assert during shading

SC142 White level detection error

SC143 SBU auto adjust error

SC144 SBU connection error

SC150 Scanner Rom mistmatch

SC170 Scanner DAJ adnormal error1

SC172 Scanner DAJ adnormal error 2

SC173 Scanner lamp regulator adjustment error

SC174 Scanner DA2 adnormal

SC182 CIS lamp adnormal

SC183 CIS auto adjust error

The next set of error copier printer repair for the Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier service problems will be posted next week.  If you need further assistance to repair your copier printer by Ricoh Gestetner Savin or Lanier contact Advanced Business Computers. Comments and additions are always welcome.

HP Designjet Plotters are designed for many years of reliable service as long as you perform based maintenance repair on a regular basis. The plotter maintenance repairs usually take less than 1.5 hours and should be performed after every 500 prints or at least once a year if you produce less pages on your HP designjet.

The most basic maintenance is the cleaning and lubrication of your Designjet printer unit. All HP Designjets use liquid ink cartridges. The ink over time will thicken and cause problems is not maintained.  First, always check you designjet plotter belt for wear. Worm or frayed carriage drive belts is the number one cause of HP designjet plotter repairs and errors.  Check the belt frequently for cuts, nicks or frayed areas. Also, check the inside of your machine for small black rubber pieces that almost looks like dirt particles. If you see any rubber pieces, frayed parts of the belt or thinning of the belt them replaced the plotter belt.  Broken HP designjet belts or excessive worn belts could damage your carriage assembly and even cause the failure of the electronic module is the belt actually snaps during usage. Both the carriage assembly and the electronic modules are VERY VERY expensive to repair!

The next HP designjet maintenance is the lubrication of the bar that the carriage assembly slides on.  Do not use conductive lubricant of the plotter.  One of the best lubricates is Super Lube which is a Teflon based lubricant.  DO not over lubricate the bar.  Only a very small amount is needed for the HP designjet repair maintenance.

Finally, on some HP designjet models you can do maintenance on the cleaning station. this entails removing old thickened inks deposits. Be careful not to damage the unit.  If you need further assistant or have questions concerning repairing and maintaining HP designjet plotters.

the fuser assembly is the part the uses pressure and heat to melt (Fuse) the toner to the paper on copier printer fax machines. The actual fuser assembly has several parts that will cause sc521, sc541, sc542 and other Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier error codes.  If you are hainvg a call service repair maintenance with one of the following codes then you have a problem with the fuser assembly.

SC531 copier repair error means the thermistor is open.  The thermistor is a temperature gauge that sends signals to the for matter of the copier printer. the repair requires replacing one or more thermistors in the printer copier  fuser assembly.

sc541 ricoh savin error is a temperature warm up area which means the fuser is not reaching the right temperature to fuser the toner to the paper.

SC543 si the opposite of SC541. This copier repair error code means the fuser is getting too heat and can not regulate itself.  Just as in the SC541 and sc531 the copier repair requires replacing the thermistors.  Also, the thermostat my need replacing.

SC544 is the basically the same printer fax repair error as the error code sc542.

SC545 and sc546 means the fuser can not maintain a stable temperature.  This copier repair is usually solve with replacing the thermistors and may require the replacement of the heating element in the fuser assembly.

SC547 Savin, Gestetner, Lanier and Ricoh error code means that the hot roller does not increase in temperature when required.  This error code is repaired by replacing the thermistors. thermalstat and/or heating unit.

SC550 means the fusing web needs to be replaced on the Rioch, Savin, Lanier or Gestetner copier printer scanner. the fusing web is a roll that lubricates some models of copiers fuser heat roller.  If you do not do the copier repair maintenance replacement of the fuser web then it will cause paper jams and damage to the fuser assembly.

There are several other fuser error codes for the Ricoh Lanie Savin and Gestetner copier scanner. If you have a code and need information to solve the repair the copier printer please contract Advanced Business Computers Inc or post a request here for more help.

Ricoh has standardized there error code numbers of the years to help determine copier printer repair error code problem solving.  However, there are still some confusions on what do when you get failures related to the hard drive in the copier printer scanner.  The hard drive in the Ricoh Savin Gestetner and Lanier are used to store address, fax numbers and even documents to give you to have the ability to scan, fax and email.

When you receive SC945, sc991 or sc870 error which are all related copier hard drive failure.  The first step to resolve the problems related to repairing copier hard drive failures is to format the hard drive.  It will require somebody familiar withe the copier repair service mode access and usage.  Go into Ricoh Lanier Savin service mode and format the hard drive to try to resolve the sc945, cs991 and sc870 error codes of the copier printer scanner.

Once you complete the format you will need to test to see if the hard drive. Input some fax numbers, email address and even try to do document scan to email or computer for the copier printer scanner. Does it work? If is does then you will need to continue to use the scanner,m fax and email functions of the copier printer for a few days to make sure it does nto loose th4e format again.

If the Ricoh Savin Lanier Gestetner copier printer scanner  fails after a few days to does not format properly then you will need to replace the hard drive.  We do not recommend repaired hard drives for copier scanners if at all possible. However, do to the age of some unit you may be forces to repair the copier with a used hard drive. You will need to determine the type of hard drive needed (IDE or SATA)  and find one of he same type preferably one of the same size if possible.  Yes, you can use a larger hard drive but the machine will only use the first 40 to 80gb.  The copier repair error codes sc870, sc991 and sc945 will cause your copier printer to stop scanning, faxing and emailing documents. Copier repair of the hard drive failure should only take 45 minutes or less. If you have any questions please contact Advanced Business Computers for further answers or post a question in this blog.