Just like many other companies HP is making policies that reflect hard economic times. recently HP has discontinued many parts and maintenance kits for various plotters and printers .the hardest hit area we notice is the HP plotter repair and maintenance parts. If you need your HP plotter repaired take notice: parts are getting more expensive and harder to find on models 2 years or older.

Case in point HP T100 and T1100 series plotters. This machine is just about 2 years old and HP has no or very limited parts for repairs.  It’s an expensive machine ($2,00 and up) but HP in there cost cutting measure has stopped selling greatly needed parts for the machine.  One of their representatives on the phone stated they have cut less profitable parts from their inventory. I otherwords BE VERY VERY CAREFUL when you purchase an HP plotter now.

HP passes you to a reseller who sells the part for more than retail.  Basically the reseller has a special deal with HP and it leaves customers out in the cold!  This reminds me of a recent email I received about a HP printer repair.  In Iraq a soldier called HP fro technician support on a printer just over 1 year old.  They referred the soldier in IRAQ to see an HP repair center or HP will charge him $50 for a the phone call. The solution to the problem was the soldier taking the HP printer and he made a video of  him shooting it with an automatic gun. The video and reason for he video had over 2,000,000 views the last time I show it! How is that for a response to poor HP repair support?

If you need help choosing the right plotter or printer for your organization without bias towards any particular brand see Advanced Business Computers. If you need HP printer repair help or assistance with other maintenance for copiers, fax or printer repairs please  do a post here.

Happy holidays!!

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