Print head alignment of thermal label and ticket printers  is critical for image quality and reading by label or ticket scanners.  The print head gap is critical for clear even images on your sato, zebra, AMT, Datamax or  intermec printers. Thermal label and bar code printers use head to transfer the actual image to the paper. The print head is the heat source. Each thermal printer print head mas many points that are either turned on or off to form the actual ticket or barcode printer image. Also,  performing maintenance repair of the bar code thermal printer is critcal too.

First, the print head alignment is not for everybody.  the software alignment and top of form alignment is a user perform procedure on Sato, Intermex, Datamax, Zebra thermal label barcode printers.  If you start getting uneven prints, spots on the labels or if the ribbon starts to stick to the print head then the head made need to be properly gapped and aligned. Depending upon your thermal label ticket printer model you may need a thermal printer ticket printer repair service technician.

The physical alignment of the print head is more by fell than a exact science. Even a trained thermal ticket bar code printer repair technician takes time to perform this procedure. Between each adjustment the printer repair technicians needs to retest and adjust again the print heads.  Most models use a set of 4 screws to adjust the thermal printer print heads.  In addition, you have parallel adjustments too when repairing the thermal printers.

its highly recommended to clean the print head first before adjusting to make sure its not a dirty print head issue instead of an thermal printer repair problem for Sato, Zebra, Intermec,  Datamax and  AMT printers. If you need assistance in your repairs for the ticket or bar code printers please post a question here or contact Advanced Business Computers in Miami and other parts of south Florida.