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Datamax, Zebra and Sato label printers and ticket printers require regular maintenance to produce quality prints. One of the most problem areas is a dirty or mis-adjusted print head, The print head of the thermal label barcode printers by Zebra, Sato and Intermec use heat to transfer ink from the ribbon to the actual label or ticket stock. The head is generated by the print head. If the prin head of the printer is not gapped properly you will get various problems.

The number on problem caused by bad print head gapping is either a line on the print out or a ribbon that creases.  The gapping procedure requires experience and patience to correct. The Sato,  Intermex, Datamax and Zero bar code printers all have at lease 4 screws that adjust the print head gap.  before you start the gap process check the label type. The thicker the label the more gap you need. Adjust the screws in pairs to keep the print head level from side to side.

If you are getting a ribbon that is binding then you need to move the print head away from the platen roller of he thermal label printer.  Only work in 1/4 turns of the screw in between label tests when doing the adjustment or you may cause other problems (light print, spots, etc.).  The gaping procedure to repair the label and bar code printer problems is not usually a end user procedure. Even a trained technicians have problems properly gaping the Sato, Zebra, Datamax and Intermec printers.

Print head lines are usually caused by dirty print heads.  When you remove the print head make sure you do unscrew the gaping screws that are recessed.  Look at your manual and only remove the ones holding the print head.  When the print head is remove from your thermal ticket bar code printer use a cotton swab to clean the lens. Make sure you take care and do not apply too much pressure against the print head.

After cleaning the print head use a magnifying glass to review the condition to see if you see cracks or pits. If  it is cracked or you see pits then you may need to replace the thermal printer print head.  Re-install the print head and test. If the line comes back after a few labels then you may have to gap the print head because the line may be caused by the ribbon being squeeze between the print head and platen roller.

Sata, Intermec, Datamax and Zebra thermal bar code ticket printers are designed for long reliable usage. However, without regular maintenance  of the print head they can fail during critical printing. If you are not 100% sure of your abilities to work and repair the printer then contact a professional.  If you have questions please post on this blog.  From your friends at Advanced Business Computers have a great Thanksgivings and Holiday season.

HP Plotter maintenance repair

HP Plotters just like you care needs regular lubrication, cleaning and adjustments to remain in good working order. The main areas of designjet plotter repair maintenance are the carriage assembly, cleaning station and the drive belt.  HP plotters repairs are costly and you can prolong the time between maintenance of the designjets with simple procedures.

Most plotters used for drafting, blue printers, posters and other types of work are ink bases.  Just like you common ink pens they dry up over time if not used. The first thing you should always remember is to use your plotters at least twice a month to prevent the ink from drying and destroying your pint head and carriage unit. If you let you HP plotter sit then the ink will thicken and cause problems which could result in hundreds of dollars in repairs.

The next plotter repair maintenance step is lubrication of your carriage assembly drive shaft and belt.  The carriage assembly of your hp designjet plotter moves along a smooth metal shaft.  The shaft should always be free of paper fibers, link and it should have a slight greasy coating (very light).  Do not use WD-40 on you HP plotter. Use a Teflon base lubricant but always remember is should be a very very light used. You do not want t a build up of lubricant.

The carriage assembly drive belt of your HP plotter will wear out over time no matter what you do. However, you can prevent the rubber from cracking most of the time with simple HP plotter service maintenance. The plotter drive belt is a back rubber band with teeth designed to move the carriage assembly back and forth across the page. Plotter drive belt rubbers will dry out over time is not used.

Use WD-40 or other rubber rejuvenation to keep the plotter belt from drying out and cracking. Again, great care should be taken to prevent spraying other parts of the plotter. It’s better to remove the belt and lubricate it off the hp plotter.  If you are not sure of your mechanical skills get a certified plotter technicians to do the maintenance.

Maintenance of your HP plotter is critical to prolong the life of your equipment.  If you belt breaks during usage it can cause your plotter carriage assembly damage or even a short in your hp designjet electronic module.  Replace worn plotter carriage assembly drive belts. Lubricate your carriage assembly and use the plotter on a regular basis to prevent plotter head clogging. When you need help contact a certified plotter repair service and maintenance company or post a help question on this blog..

Do you own or lease  a color printer or digital copier? One of the most common problems with color printers and color copiers is understanding the causes of image problems and how to determine the printer copier repair image problem.  The one one problem is a repeated or light reprint of a previous image on the same page.

The first step is to determine which color or colors are causing the repeat printer copier repair problem.  Do the following to isolate the actual drum or toner repair problem  of your digital copier or printer scanner:

Step 1:  Print a normal word or excel document but only using the color black.  If some of the text is not in black temporary change it to black.  You do not want any other color except for the one you are testing.

Step 2:  Repeat step one but switch to only using yellow, blue and magenta colors.  This is  a way to isolate the actual cause of the printer copier problem so you can determine the correct repairs needed.

Step 3: Look at each print out. Which ones show the printer copier repair image problem? If you only see it on the black pages then the problem is related to the black toner or black drum unit.  Your color copier printer has one toner per color and in most systems one drum per color.  You are trying to determine if the printer copier problem is related to just certain colors or all colors.

Step 4:  If the printer repair or copier repair image problem follows certain colors then you will either need to replace the drum or the toner cartridge. If your color copier printer has separate drums and toners then replace the drum unit. Otherwise replace the toner which contains the toner and drum. If you are not sure contact us and we will look up the model of your printer copier problem and tell which one needs to be replaced.

Step 5:  f the Color printer copier image repair problem follows all the colors then the cause is either the fuser assembly or the imaging belt unit.  the replacement of the fuser or imaging may require a certified copier or printer repair technician.

If you have other copier printer repair image problems please fell free to comment or ask questions through this blog or contact Advanced Business Computers in Miami. Color image image problem solving does not require vast printer or copier repair expertise.

Printer repair miantenace garbage printing

This is a simple yet common problem.  We just received a question about a hp laser printer printing pages of garbage random characters.  Laser printers copiers are mostly dumb devices. They sit there and want for a command from your computer network or individual desktop to print pages.

Each laser printer copier have software drivers that are installed on your computers to control the printing scanning and faxing through your printer copier fax multi-function device (MFD). Some copier printers will accept commands using universal PCL5 or PCl-6 printer commands.

The simplest causes of this printer copier repair issue is a loose printer cable. Make sure the cables going to the printer copier are secure.  If its loose or cut then secure and/or replaced the cable to solve the printer repair problem. If the cable is not loos then continue reading to solve the copier printer repair problem.

If  you print a document using the wrong or bad printer driver, the printer will either not print at all or it will print our garbage characters.  If this happens first see if the correct laser printer is selected in the properties page (select file, print and look at the selected printer).  Do this when you have the document that did not print right on your screen.  This is a simple printer repair problem. If you have the wrong printer selected then select the right one to fix the printer copier repair problem of printing garbage.

If you have the correct printer select you will need to reinstall the printer driver (first delete the old driver and then download a new driver).  It’s important that you DELETE the old printer and then DOWNLOAD from the Internet the most current copier printer drive to repair this problem.  Do not try to repair the printer problem with your current driver.

If  the above does not solve the printer repair problem then call a copier printer repair professional for further advice. the copier printer repair may entail more complicated network problem, corrupt print files or the copier printer controller repair. Or send a question through this blog for a quick replay.