HP maintenance kits are design fro end user installation.  The printer repair kit consists of the majority of the wear and tear parts that causes a printer service repair problem.  The parts included in the kit includes the printer fuser assembly, hp cassette pick up rollers, printer separation rollers and corona transfer roller. when installing the HP printer repair maintenance kit you should always disconnected the printer first and allow the fuser to cool down before removing.

Once the HP printer power is off and the laser printer cooled down remove the fuser assembly  repair part from the rear of the HP printer.  If you are saving money on the printer maintenance kit but sending back he fuser core make sure you wrap it back in the original packing that came with eh new/rebuilt printer fuser assembly from the maintenance kit.

Next remove the transfer corona using the blue plastic tool provided withe kit or another tool to pop up the old printer corona roller. The corona transfer roller is the part that charges the paper so it will accept the toner. Make sure both ends of the printers maintenance kit corona transfer roller are in place before closing the printer lid.

The last HP maintenance repair kit parts to replace are the paper pick up rollers and the separation rollers or pads depending upon your hp printer scanner copier model.  The paper pick up rollers and the separation pads work together to pickup and squeeze one sheet of paper at a time from the paper tray and drawers.  depending upon your HP printer model you may need to order extra sets of paper pick up rollers and separation rollers/pads when you do the printer repair. If  saving on your printer maintenance interest you plus get a longer warranty than HP’s 30 days contact Advanced Business Computers for a quote.  Depending upon your model you will get a 3 to 6 month warranty on the printer maintenance kit with the return of the fuser. if you have any printer repair questions please post them here fro a quick response!

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