The most common problem with HP Designjet plotter repairs is the belt replacement. The plotter belt is the part that moves the carriage assembly of the plotter across the page. The carriage assembly is the part which holds the plotters ink cartridges.

It’s important that you always check your HP plotter carriage belt for damage. Check to see if you are getting small rubber pieces in the unit. Check for cracks on the plotter belt too.  Plotter repairs are costly when not maintained. If you do not check your plotter belt and it BREAKS or cracks it could damage you carriage assembly and triple the cost of the repair. If like you car tires, if it goes flat is can cause a major accident.  It’s important to stop using a HP plotter when the belt is flaking, cracked or shows wear to prevent expensive plotter repair problems.

The average plotter belt repair replacement takes 1 hour plus additional time to lubricate and perform maintenance on the plotter.  Never use a USED belt or a compatible belt.  Some HP plotter belt replacement kits include a pulley and a wedge which needs to be replaced at the same time.

HP charges $150 per hour usually with a min of 3 hours plus the part. However, if you live in south Florida the rate is less through Advanced Business Computers Inc – ask for a free phone quote. If you need further assistance or have questions please contact for printer plotter service maintenance or add to this post. Just remember to always check your HP plotters carriage belt to prevent major repair bills.