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Printer copier repairs and maintenance get costly with the wrong information or service company before you spend a dine on printer service repairs call the company ask ask for a quote over the phone.  Be prepared to explain the problem  with your printer, copier or scanner in detail. Is it jamming? Where is the printer jamming?

If you are having an image problem have a copy of the bad print out in your hands. if its a line on the page is it vertical (up and down) or horizontal (across the page). How many lines on the printer image problem?  Can you smear the toner on the page? If you printer repair problem is a mark how many times does the mark appear on the page?

Or are you getting a printer repair or maintenance error code? Have the error code ready WORD FOR WORD as it appears on the screen of the copier printer.  It’s always better to be at the printer or copier that needs repairs.  Simply put the more information you provide about your copier or printer repair problem the better the maintenance repair estimate. Also, ask the company if they provide maintenance agreements and if you do the copier printer repair will they give you a break in the repair cost if you place the copier printer under an maintenance agreement.

Now if you call your printer or copier repair maintenance company and they can not provide an accurate quote over the phone than go someplace else.  Printers copiers and scanner repair is not rocket science.  If a technician has been working on them for a couple of years then he/she can provide the quote over the phone without you spending a single cent.  If you are not sure ask a question here with as much detail as possible and get the right answers.

If you are in south Florida contact Advanced Business Computers for a 100% free over the phone quote.  Determine before you spend any money on the repair service call if the equipment is worth repairing. Times are tough so be careful before you place a service repair call for your printer, computer, copier or scanner.

The most common problem with HP Designjet plotter repairs is the belt replacement. The plotter belt is the part that moves the carriage assembly of the plotter across the page. The carriage assembly is the part which holds the plotters ink cartridges.

It’s important that you always check your HP plotter carriage belt for damage. Check to see if you are getting small rubber pieces in the unit. Check for cracks on the plotter belt too.  Plotter repairs are costly when not maintained. If you do not check your plotter belt and it BREAKS or cracks it could damage you carriage assembly and triple the cost of the repair. If like you car tires, if it goes flat is can cause a major accident.  It’s important to stop using a HP plotter when the belt is flaking, cracked or shows wear to prevent expensive plotter repair problems.

The average plotter belt repair replacement takes 1 hour plus additional time to lubricate and perform maintenance on the plotter.  Never use a USED belt or a compatible belt.  Some HP plotter belt replacement kits include a pulley and a wedge which needs to be replaced at the same time.

HP charges $150 per hour usually with a min of 3 hours plus the part. However, if you live in south Florida the rate is less through Advanced Business Computers Inc – ask for a free phone quote. If you need further assistance or have questions please contact for printer plotter service maintenance or add to this post. Just remember to always check your HP plotters carriage belt to prevent major repair bills.

HP Miantenance Kits Installation and service

HP maintenance kits are design fro end user installation.  The printer repair kit consists of the majority of the wear and tear parts that causes a printer service repair problem.  The parts included in the kit includes the printer fuser assembly, hp cassette pick up rollers, printer separation rollers and corona transfer roller. when installing the HP printer repair maintenance kit you should always disconnected the printer first and allow the fuser to cool down before removing.

Once the HP printer power is off and the laser printer cooled down remove the fuser assembly  repair part from the rear of the HP printer.  If you are saving money on the printer maintenance kit but sending back he fuser core make sure you wrap it back in the original packing that came with eh new/rebuilt printer fuser assembly from the maintenance kit.

Next remove the transfer corona using the blue plastic tool provided withe kit or another tool to pop up the old printer corona roller. The corona transfer roller is the part that charges the paper so it will accept the toner. Make sure both ends of the printers maintenance kit corona transfer roller are in place before closing the printer lid.

The last HP maintenance repair kit parts to replace are the paper pick up rollers and the separation rollers or pads depending upon your hp printer scanner copier model.  The paper pick up rollers and the separation pads work together to pickup and squeeze one sheet of paper at a time from the paper tray and drawers.  depending upon your HP printer model you may need to order extra sets of paper pick up rollers and separation rollers/pads when you do the printer repair. If  saving on your printer maintenance interest you plus get a longer warranty than HP’s 30 days contact Advanced Business Computers for a quote.  Depending upon your model you will get a 3 to 6 month warranty on the printer maintenance kit with the return of the fuser. if you have any printer repair questions please post them here fro a quick response!

The economy has created a big win fall for Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Canon and other manufacturers of printers and copiers. They know companies are buying the lower costs printer scanner copier machines thinking they are reducing costs.  However, they fail to realize that they are saving a few dollars at first and then paying through the nose for the supplies!

We just receive a call from a new client. The own a Canon D880 copier and a HP M1522 printer which they recently purchased (3 months ago).  they purchased these units because they were low in cost but they did not take into account the cost of the supplies and how often they will need to purchase cartridges.

They are purchasing one Canon D880 toner and three HP M1522 toners per month.  They are spending approximately $297 per month on just supplies to produce 6,000 to 7,500 pages of print.  In other words, they are supping as much every month in supplies as the machines cost!   Plus, when something goes wrong, printer repair or Copier service, the low end machines are not worth fixing.  It’s better to get a higher end business class machine that is low in cost to use and designed for many years of use.

What did they do? They opted to get a Kyocera KM-2560 for $210 per month including all printer copier supplies, repairs, parts etc and then they gave their HP printer and Canon to a local church as a write off.  Unless you are producing less than 2,000 pages per month you will save with the proper copier printer lease.  Business class office equipment saves companies money and headaches in the long run.  Ff you are not sure contact us to get a free over the phone evaluation on whether its better to buy a low end copier printer fax or a higher end copier printer  scanner.