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Over the past several years Ricoh has manufactured several brands of copier printer for lease. Basically, a company such as Lanier would contract with Ricoh to put the Lanier copier printer name on a Ricoh products.  Unlike when Sharp put he Imagistics label on their printer copiers, Ricoh does not change anythign except the name on the machine. This means whether the toner, drum or maintenance kits says Lanier, Ricoh, Savin or Gestetner they are all the same copier repair parts and kits.

Ricoh is not alone with the practice. Many people think HP actually make printers. Would it surprise you to know the HP laser printer actually uses a Canon machine and relabels it as their own.  Many years ago Canon use to market their own brand of laser printers. However, they struck a deal with HP to market them under the HP printer name.  Same printer repair parts and printer supplies but just a different name and sometimes a bit of a difference on the outside plastics. So it you need you HP laser printer repairs the original parts may say Canon or HP.

This is the same practice Sharp uses to make Imagistics copiers.  Imagistics went to Sharp to relabel the Sharp copier printer to Imagistics. All the copier repair parts are the same except for the toner.  Imagistics had Sharp corporation modified the copiers toner and toner hopper to make them a little different than the Sharp copier printer to force clients to buy Imagistics toner.  Everything else is the same.  The Sharp copier repair codes, printer error numbers and replacemnet parts are all the same.

If you need you Kyocera or copystar repair then same holds true. They are exactly the same copier printer scanners but with different names.  Even the copier printer model numbers are similar CS verse MK. copystar CS-3035 is the same as the Kyocera km-3035. The Kyocera repair parts for the KM-5050 are the same as the Copystar repair parts for he cs-5050.

If you need additional help with copier printer repairs, parts or maintenance please ask a question through this blog or contact Advanced Business Computers Inc for a quick repair quotes and response.

The economy has created a Bonanza for people looking for auctioned used copiers printer for pennies on the dollar.  However, if you are not very careful then you will get a big headache and spend hundreds of additional dollars on copier maintenance of printer repair kits.  Think about this the company is auctioning off a used piece of equipment from a company that is no longer. It’s very important to know the equipment you are purchasing or have a reliable copier printer repair company review the digital printer or copier first.

Yesterday a client called stating their office neighbor is closing his company and offered a color Canon copier printer to him for $1600 dollars.  No warranty and the equipment was maintained by another company.  The actual price is not bad for the machine however, without knowing the copier printers current toner, developer and drum status he could be walking into a big expense.  The digital copier printer scanner toners alone (set of toners) cost $497. The developers cost (set) $754 and the drums several hundred of dollars.   I asked the client to fine out the current toner level, current page count, the developer and the drum status for the machine. The digital copier printer seller didn’t not know how to provide the information.

He asked us to go and check the service records of the color Canon copier printer and this is what we found. The toners were 75% used. It had a page count of 547,435 pages and needed the full set of developers.  The drums were in good condition but the fixing unit (fuser) would need replacing in less than 5,000 pages – about one month base on the clients usage.  Needles to say he did not get the machine because the $1600 used copier printer unit would have actually costs him over $3000 within a month! If he wanted a copier printer service agreement on the unit the repairs would need to be done first prior to the maintenance agreement on the printer scanner copier.

Some used copiers printers are great bargains however; you need to know the equipment before you lay down your money.  It’s always recommended to have a qualified copier printer technician repair service center to check the machine first. Ask what would a copier maintenance agreement including all repairs and supplies costs.  Currently the top black and white machines are Kyocera, Ricoh (Lanier, Ricoh, Gestetner and Savin) and Sharp for repair-ability and low printer copier maintenance costs.

Recently several clients asked if the Copystar and the Kyocera repair maintenance consist of the same service parts.  The simple answer is YES. Kyocera and copystar are one and the same company.  Kyocera, now know as Mita-Kyocera, is a leading manufacture of copier printer scanner multi-function equipment.  Plus, they have a fantastic line of laser printers  with many options you can not find with HP, Okidata, and other manufacturers.

Now back to the maintenance kits. The Kyocera maintenance kits contain 95% of all parts that cause problems with the printer copier.  Most of Kyocera repair kits contain the developer unit, drum unit, fuser, transfer roller, tray 1 & 2 pick up rollers, separation rollers, fuser cleaning wand and other repair parts.

One thing technicians have notices is the the maintenance kits for the Printers are more costly than the ones for the copier printers.  However, some of the printer repairs parts in the maintenance kit are the same as in the copier printer scanner. Example: FS-9500 series is uses many of the same pars as the KM-5035.  Some of the Kyocera printer FS-9100 series uses the same parts as the kyocera copystar copier printer KM-5030. The Kyocera repair maintenance kits for the KM series are less costly then the FS series even though the KM equipment is more costly.

Kyocera and copystar service technicians have the ability to use either maintenance kit but they need to make sure the part are exactly the same.  However, if you plan to register the maintenance kit to receive full warranty then you are force to get the specific kyrocera maintenance repair kit design for your device even if its more expensive.

Whether you plan to do the Kyocera repair maintenance kit instillation yourself or need additional help contact us via this blog or our website.  The proper installation of the maintenance kits for the copier printer scanner is  critical to keeping your Kyocera printer or Copystar copier printer in good working order.

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