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Replacing ribbons while repair servicing your sato, Zebra or other thermal label printer is done by the end user. You do not need special label printer repair skills. However you do need to be careful.

First, when replacing ribbons on your thermal label printer wear plastic gloves. The gloves not only protects you from stains it also protects the ribbon from your hand oils while repairing your sate, zebra and other thermal printer. Your oils can cause damage corrosion of print heads and other parts of the printer. Print head on sato, intermac and zebra label thermal printers  are costly to repair and replace.

Label printer head replacement on some models require a certified technicians to properly adjust it to your printer. Adjustments include gapping, parallelism and other maintenance  repair steps when repairing the thermal printer. Take care to protect your print heads while replacing thermal printer ribbons and doing standard repairs.

Disposal of ribbons. Not all ribbons are intended for standard trash disposal. Your thermal printer ribbon my contain toxic chemicals and require disposal of the ribbon at specific locations in your city.

When inserting the thermal printer ribbon be careful of the paper and ribbon sensors. We constantly received sate, zebra, intermec and other label print repair service calls for damaged senors after the end user has replaced ribbons. In addition, keep the ribbon material away from the sensors because it can blacked the sensor and causes errors when you replace the therm label printer ribbons.

If you need additional thermal printer repair service assistance in South East Florida, Miami or Ft. Lauderdale areas contact Advanced Business Inc.

Your HP laser printer requires periodic maintenance. This maintenance includes repairing the fuser assembly of the printer. The fuser is a common problem that causes laser printer paper jam repair and toner smearing problems. The fuser error code on the HP laser printer is 50.x where is a number between 1..5.

Hewlett Packard fusers assemblies are replaced every 80,000 to 2000,000 pages depending upon on the laser HP printer model.

The first step in repairing a fuser error is to turn off the HP printer and let the laserjet cool down for at least 30 minutes.  Unplug the power cord and then make sure the fuser assembly is cool. Remember the fuser assembly gets very hot which can causes serious burns – far warning. If you are not sure of your abilities get a certified HP repair technicians to replace the fuser causing the printer error

Now open the back of the printer (you may need to remove covers and/or exit trays). Remove the screws holding the printer repair part you are replacing (fuser) and slide out the unit. Slide in the replacement fuser assembly and reassemble the back of the HP laserjet printer you are repairing.

Some clients do not want to put in the whole assembly. The fuser assembly of an HP printer consists of several parts. We do not recommend that you rebuild the unit unless you have previous fuser assembly rebuilding experience. You need to replace the roller, bearings, pick fingers, heat roller, Thermister, thermostat, and have good mechanical abilities.  Contact an authorized HP printer repair service center instead

If you have a specific  HP printer repair service question or need additional help with your repair f the printer please contact use at Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Lexmark HP printer repair error fuser

Laser printers such as Lexmark, HP, Okidata and other have common problems. The Lexmark error code 92 relates to the fuser assembly.  The Lexmark printer fuser assembly is the part that uses heat and pressure to melt and fuse the toner onto the page. Depending upon the Lexmark printer model the fuser needs to be repaired replaced every 200,000 to 300,000 pages.

In order to repair the Lexmark printer you will need to first power off the laser printer to cool down the fuser. Once it’s cooled down unplug the power form the Lexmark printer.

Now open the back and remove the fuser assembly. You may need to removed cables or wires that connect the fuser to the power supply. As again before you attempt to repair the Lexmark printer disconnect the power and let the fuser cool down! The fuser is heated to 180 degrees Celsius and can cause a serious burn.

Several clients ask if they can rebuild the Lexmark printer fuser assembly. It is possible and Lexmark doe sit all the time. However, unless you replace the entire roller, Thermister, thermostat, bearings, pick finger and have good mechanical abilities we do not recommend that you repair Lexmark fuser assemblies.

If you have a specific  Lexmark printer repair service question or need additional help with your repair f the printer please contact use at Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Laxmark and IBM laser printers are a mainstay in financial institutions, car dealerships and  large corporation. IBM produced printers before HP ever though of the idea.  Lexmark, IBM and some Dell black and white laser printers  used the same repair parts and supplies.  The laser printer repair maintenance on the Lexmark, IBM and Dell consist of the same procedures.

Lexmark Optra, S and T series have recommend maintenance schedules just as the higher end HP laser printers.  The Lexmark maintenance kits consist of the fuser assembly, paper feed rollers, transfer roller, and charge rollers. When you perform the Lexmark repair maintenance procedure you need to clean and lubricate key parts of the printer to protect from early printer maintenance parts failure.  If you are not technologically inclined do not do the printer repair service yourself.

Lexmark T620, T640, and T644 all use the same printer repair parts and maintenance kits.  If you have the IBM or Dell laser printer version of Lexmark printers then use a IBM to Lexmark or Dell to Lexmark printer cross reference from your part center to determine which parts are needed. All the parts are the same.

The main difference between Lexmark and Dell printers are the toner cartridges.  Dell has commissioned Lexmark to change the smart CHIP on the cartridge and sometimes a plastic part on the toner cartridges to force people to buy from Dell only. This ha backfired a bit because compatible manufacturers has discovered the change and provide a less costs quality solution to Dell only.

if you need help with your Lexmark,  Dell or IBM repair please ask questions or contact Advanced Business Computers in SE Florida for assistance. Get certified Lexmark, IBM and Dell branded printers and Lexmark MFD printers repair service.