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Archive for June 23rd, 2010

Problem with printing to a digital copier or copier printer. It takes too long to print the document.

Cause One:    The higher the resolution the slower the print job. The laser printer does not start printing until it receives the full letter document into the printer copier memory.  The more details your printer copier document ha the longer it will take to download to the equipment. Try limiting the amount of graphic or increase the amount of memory in your printer or copier printer.

Cause Two: Older computer upgraded with a new operating system. The printer or print copier scanner can only receive the document as fast as the computer can send it.  The new operating systems have more overhead and will cause an older printer copier to seem slow but the actual problem may be the computer. Make use your computer has MORE than the minimum amount of RAM for your operating system to help speed downloads to your digital printer or printer copier scanner office machine.

Cause Three: Using older type of connector instead of faster or slow network. If your copier printer scanner is on a network then that’s another bottle neck. Your document must go through your computer to a network switch which routes it to the actual printer copier. Check to see if your are using 100 or 1000 switch. Does your computer have a 1000 GHz connection or the slower 100? Upgrading you network switches and network adapter will speed up the whole network and the printer copier speed.

If you need assistance in speeding up your computer or are looking for suggestions on how to improve your copier printer work flow contact Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Copier Lease Buyout, Renew, Upgrade or Replace?

Does your company  lease or have a maintenance agreement for copier printer scanner multi-function machines from Sharp, Xerox, Canon, Minolta, Toshiba, Ricoh or other company?  Do you know your options at lease end can greatly reduce costs while improving efficiencies of your office?

First let’s be realistic: Printer copier leasing companies are interested in one thing and one thing only -> Lock you into a 3 to 5 year copier scanner lease so nobody else can offer you better equipment, pricing or service.  They want to move new hardware and lock you for several years because they have quotas to meet from Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, Minolta or they loose their dealership.

Point One: How do you know?  Do the following:  ask your copier leasing dealer what brands they offer new. If only can offer one printer copier brand or a copier printer scanner brand series all made by the same company (Ricoh, Lanier, Savin and Gestetner are all the same copier company) then you know they have quotas to meet and they have an agenda to move hardware whenever they can period.

“…they have an agenda to trap you for years ”

If this is the case be careful! Just because digital copier printer is a well know brand does not mean it’s the most cost effective or efficient equipment you!

Point two: Bugging you way before renewal time. This is another tactic to trap you even longer and to move more copier leased equipment again. If you printer copier equipment is functioning well and it meets your needs then why are they bugging you?

Simple: They need to keep moving equipment to meet quotas and they do not want to take a chance that another company may offer you better equipment at a competitive price.  This is a tactic to lock you up for another bunch of years beyond your original contract for 3 to 5 years!

Point Three: Over billing for pages you do not use. This is the third and most abused tactic of copier printer scanning leasing companies. Include pages in the lease that they know you will never use. They will ask you what is your estimated monthly volume then they add a few thousand pages and quote you the bunch of pages at a seeming low price.

Did you know 87% of the companies who fall for this copier per page tactics actually costs you 243% to 380% more per page than quoted because you never use up all the allocated monthly or quarterly pages?

Why pay for pages you never use? There is no page overage or lease refund! You pay the monthly price even if you do not print a single page.

“….costs you 243% to 380% more per page than quoted.”

Why are these three points important?

Simple: Your company’s’ business is to make money. You do this by offering your product and service while keeping costs down on your needs to make a profit. Every dollar you save in print management costs of copier printers actual costs and efficiencies increases your profits and pay check.

You have better options: Wait for Part II or contact Advanced Business Computers Inc now!