Kyocera copiers, printers and copier printer scanner multi-function equipment have a great history of excellent quality equipment with long time between failures. The Kyrocera equipment includes the Copystar brands and Mita – Kyrocera.  Kyrocera  is considered the cadillac of machine by their repair service techs. Their durability and long cost to operate makes then a ideal choice for busy offices.

If you have   Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, Minolta or other copier printer scanner then you will be shocked to know that Kyocera maintenance kits last 250,000 to 400,000 pages between replacement depending upon the model of the printer copier scanner.  Advanced Business Computers Inc. services most brands of printer and copiers including Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba, Canon, Minolta, Kyocera, HP, Okidata, Lexmark, Copystar and other brands include faxes.

The Kyrocera copystar service repair maintenance kit consist of 99% of all the parts that cause failures on their line of copier printer scanners.  It contains the following copier repair parts:

Fuser assembly, drum unit, developer unit, complete set of pick up rollers for the drawers, primary charge roller and other parts.  All the part can be replaced by a certified copier printer repair technician in approximately 1 hour including cleaning the machine.  It is not a part to be replaced by end user of the copier printer.

No other company has a single kit that consists of all the part or a kit that last as long as the Kyrocera Copystar maintenance kit. Other companies make good machines, however, they are maintenance intensive.  Many Ricoh, Canon, Minolta, Toshiba and other brands have several maintenance kits for each machine. Case in point: Ricoh usually has two maintenance kits one for the fuser and one for imaging.  However, they are parts that require rebuilding of each of the units which results in high labor cots. Also, the maintenance kits last on the average 80,000 to 120,000 (some have 250K kits). This means for every ONE Kyrocera kit you will need to due 3 to 4 equivalent Ricoh kits.  What a waste of time and money!

Back to the Kyrocera copier maintenance kit repair – >  Service technicians for the photo copier will install all the parts, clean the machine, color balance and then do a final test. The copier repair technician for the photo copier printer should retain a print out of the page counters.  The printout is a record of when the repair parts were replaced and provide information needed to verify warranty if a problem arises with the photo copier printer scanner in the near future.

All in All Kyocear makes on the the best best line of copier printers scanners in the market. They are very durable and have extremely low photo copier maintenance repair requirements when you compare them to other printer copier brands.