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Q:  Which has the most amount of memory a laptop and notebook? And which of the two computers comes with the greatest amount are for data storage?

A:  memory has always confuser non techie types.  Computer systems, laptops and notebooks have basically two types of memory: temporary and permanent memory.  Your computers processor, video cards and other components used the temporary memory to as their scratch pad to do various functions.  The permanent memory is for storage do data and programs when not in use.

It depends on what you are calling a notebook verses a laptop. If you are referring to the ultra thing notebooks, ipads or very small notebooks that do not use a hard drive to store information then they hold less than regular larger units. Other than that they can both have equal amounts of memory of all types.

The storage memory can be in a form of a hard drive, flashcard, USB drive, CD, DVD or other memory card. Most computers except for the very thin ones or very small devices have a hard drive as storage. If the notebook or laptop you are comparing use a hard drive then they both can house as much as the other.

Check the actual drive storage amount 160Gb, 250gb, 300gb, etc.

RAM, temp memory is usually 1gb, 2gb, 3gb or 4gb.

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Q: Is there a difference between laptops and notebooks in speed.

A:  No there is no difference between equally computer laptops and notebooks in speed.  Computer laptops and notebooks  if they have the same processors, memory and video chip set.   Yes, they can have the same internals as each other on their mainboards. the main difference ti the added features  such as the computer laptops and notebook hard drive size (some notebooks use memory chips instead of a hard drive), whether it has a dvd-rw or not, battery size, etc.

The rule of thumb:  low price units usually have slower processors and less features. The more you speed usually the faster the system when comparing desktop or laptop. It’s always better to determine what software you need first and then select a system that runs the software at a good speed based on your budget and needs.

Q:  I’m having problems getting my system to boot from my Windows XP pro CD.  I need to repair my computer. I changed the bios to force stat up from CD and it’s not will not fix my computer problem.  My Dell computer has a repair problem it continues to loop around, start normally, safe mode etc

A:  Let’s start by testing the CD in another machine to see if the CD work.  just insert the Windows XP computer repair recovery CD into a different computer and see if it start. Do not execute the program just see if it comes up. It it works then you know the Windows XP computer repair recovery CD’s are good.

Now put the CD’s back into the Dell computer and boot up the system. What happens next? IF it does not try to boot from the CD you will need to go into the computers Bios and set the boot sequence to first check the CD or DVD drive. If it set to boot from the hard drive first it will never go to the CD or DVD.  Now that you are set up properly you should be able to  recover your system.  But remember your original problem sounds like a virus problem. It;s highly recommended to low format your hard drive before re-installing and repairing your computer system. If you need further help contact us at Advanced Business Computers Inc. for your South Florida Miami and Ft. Lauderdale computer repair needs.