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HP Printer Copier Fax Repair ADF MFD

In the past 4 years HP has boosted their line of MFD All  in one laser toner cartridge based devices.  However, HP printer scanner copier machines has exhibited a far greater number of failures especially in the sub $1000 price point.

Case in point: HP 2480 all in on color laser printer copier fax scanner.  This very popular machine which came out 2..3 years ago had continually provided headaches for user.  First the scanners starting to fail which required replacing the ADF (automatic document feeder) on top scanner which costs around $217 plus labor to replace. Then the cartridge carousel started to have alignment problems which required adjustment and in several cases the problem repeated. HP has always had color laser printer carousel problems with the HP 2500, 3500, 3600 and the 3700 HP color laser printers.

Remember just a few years ago a good business class hp laser printer non all in one cost around $1100 depending upon the laser printer features. Now HP, Lexmark, Canon, Okidata and other companies are shoveling out laser based all in one for well under $1000 because Brother controlled the low end laser based MFD market and they wanted a piece.

Remember the old wise saying, “You get what you pay for”.   Brother still has  a major portion of the all in one laser based but HP and others has eroded their market.

If you had a limited budget which one is best for you?  Brother still produces the best sub $600 low volume all in one laser based machines.  HP and Okidata come in second in quality. However, if you are looking for a higher end business class laser printer scanner copier with low operating cost them look at the units that are in the $1500 and above range.

How do we know? Advanced Business Computers Inc. is a factory certified Okidata, Lexmark, HP, Brother, and Xerox repair center. Also, we provide warranty service for several of the brands.  One the average over 53 all in one machines laser based printer scanner copier fax are serviced every week by our technicians.  In short through experience since 1988.  Its important to know the history of a toner based laser printer copier equipment model.  Look beyond the product name.  Ask repair companies which laser printer copier scanner machines they recommend.

The used copier printer market has turned upside down over the past year. It’s getting harder and harder to fine recent model copier printers off lease at a good price.  We spoke to the three largest off lease equipment resellers and the trend is clear with them. They all state that the Chinese are grabbing container after container load of recent model used, refurbished and off lease copier printers which is driving up the cost of all in one used printer copier scanners machines for business looking for ways to reduce costs.

The hotest brands are Kyocera,  Copystar,  Rioch and Sharp. Canons, Toshiba, Xerox and Minolta are a dime a dozen (they cost the most to repair and have the most problems).

Why Kyocera, Copystar, Ricoh and Sharp printer copiers instead of Canon or Minolta? Simple.  They are simple to repair and are much more reliable. the Kyocera/Copystar brand is the hottest ones now. Every 4035, 5035, 3035, 3050, 4050, 5050 and similar models are just plan hard to fine here in the us with low page counts .

Used Kyocera copier printer scanners have greatly increase in value. Over the last year a good refurbished Kyocera 4035 have increased 23%. Plus, they are getting scarce because companies are realizing that it less expensive better to buy the copier printer at the end of the lease then start a new lease.

When you look for a used or refurbished printer copier all in one machine check the age of the machine. cost of parts and supplies. Remember if the deals looks too good there is a reason. Call a certified printer or copier service technician to check the printer scanner copier before you buy – it may save you hundreds of dollars in repairs!

If you have a question concerning a used copier model please contact Advanced Business Computers Inc. for reliable quick answers.

Digital photo copiers made by Ricoh include the Savin, Lanier and Gestetner brands. They all are identical units that use all the same parts but just are marketed under different copier names. the great par about Ricoh printer copier repair is that all the models used the same error codes so the copier repair is faster.

Here are the major error codes for the copier repairs of Ricoh, Savin, Lanier and Gestetner copier printers:

Most common copier fuser error codes:

Ricoh copier service code SC541, SC542, SC543, SC544, SC545, SC546, SC548.All of these printer copier repair codes for Ricoh Savin Lanier and Gestetner all refer to the fuser assembly having a problem. Sometimes they code can be temporarily reset, however, it will eventually come back and not go away!

Ricoh service repair error SC362, sc365, sc366, sc367,  SC860, SC861, SC862 SC863, SC864 and SC865 – this one is common if your copier has the scanner option. It means there is a problem with the hard drive. Either the hard drive needs to be formatted or completely replaced. Its the same code in the Savin, Gestetner and Lanier brands too.

Lanier error service repair code SC320, sc321, and Sc322 refers to the polygon motor and laser scanner. If you get one of these errors you most likely need a new laser scanner unit for you copier printer scanner.

The above copier printer scanner errors on Ricoh photocopiers, Gestetner copeirs,  Savin printer copiers and Lanier multi-function printer copier scanners covers 85% of all service call problems not related  to copier image problems.

If you have a different code or brand of photocopiers such as HP, Canon, Sharp, Kyocera, Toshiba and other brands please feel free to contact Advanced Business Computers Inc. for  information.

Look for additional article son other brands of copiers, printers and multi function all-in-on printer copiers.