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Error 50 HP Fuser Fixing Unit Problem

Over the years HP printers, Lexmark, Canon and other prints have greatly changed their fuser assemblies. I would not call it an laser printer improvement. When you get an 50 printer service error on HP printers,  921 error on Lexmark, SC54xx on Ricoh printers and fixing unit faliure on Canon printers is means the fuser assembly has failed.

The fuser assembly is the part that uses pressure and heat to melt the toner to the actual paper. It consist of gears, bushings,  heat rollers, pressure roller, paper pick fingers and other components, If you have an HP laser printer, Lexmark printer then for the most part you change the entire fuser assembly. If you business class Ricoh, Sharp, Canon, Gestetner, Savin and other copier printer scanners then the fuser assembly is rebuilt then majority of the time.

HP laser printers started to change their fusers to use films instead of Teflon coated rollers in their fuser assemblies.  This decreased the cost to make the machine but increase the failure rate of the laser printers.  Some other companies have followed suit. The HP laser printer fuser repair is a whole unit swap out an if obtain from a quality company should come with a 3 to 6 month warranty or 12,000 to 24,000 page warranty.  If it does not then switch your vendor!

Fuser repairs for copier printer scanners is more time consuming and costly than in straight printers. However, the advantage is then most of the companies still use the hard Teflon coated fuser that has a much great life and printer copier service failures.

Do not look for the cheapest price when replacing the fuser assembly during a HP printer repair or copier repair. Look for the best warranty and mid range price. This is especially important with repairing a copier printer because they are rebuilt which means some companies will try to get away with only a partial rebuild to save money and hurt you in the long run. if you have questions call Advanced Business Computers Inc for printer copier repairs in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and other Florida locations.

Ricoh Savin Lanier Canon Sharp Image Problem

This past week three clients called with the same copier repair problem.  They had bad images on their digital copiers and required copier service help.  Their copier was producing gray images and in some cases no images at all. All the digital copiers problems had one thing in common: they just replaced the toner cartridge.

In the Ricoh repair copier service call it was determined that the toner caused the problem and it cost them $467 to solve the copier repair issue.  The Canon IR copier  required $567 in copier service parts and repair labor. And the Sharp ARm450 required a copier drum developer change.

Why so much copier repair service costs?  Simple the client purchased the cheapest toner possible trying to cut costs.  Compatible toner cartridges are just like used cars: there are some cost effective good ones and some very bad cheap ones! If you go with the cheapest compatible toner cartridge then expect that the people doing the toner cartridges are cutting corners.

In the case of the copier repair service the toner used was the wrong type and caused the failure of the developer and damaged the copier drums unit too. The copier creates an image by mixing the with the developer and then transfers the toner/developer mix to the drum unit. Wrong or bad toner ruins the developer and then causes problems with the drum too.

Some compatible toners are ok. However, if you look for the cheapest you my soon pay through the roof in copier repairs.  There are many copier repair companies, one man shows copier service (single employee repair companies) and some just supply companies that take chances with your digital copier equipment.  If you are not sure ask.

It’s better to to call a quality repair service companies that has many years of supplies knowledge than looking for the cheapest price in town.