HP offers the most popular line of laser printers and ink officejet photo printers. However,  what which type is the top best printer for your business?

First and for most you need to know there are NO parts available beyond the encoder strip for any HP ink based machine. That include the photosmart, officejets and deskjet models.  However if  you have a HP Designjet plotters printer ink based machine then all parts are offered.  Any authorized HP laser printer repair service center can get parts for any laser based printer.

The other disadvantage to HP ink based printer when compared to HP laser printers is the cost of supplies.  The laser printer per page costs is usually less than 25% of the cost a hp photosmart or officejet printer.  The HP laser printers are much more durable than their ink based ones too.

Why by an ink based machine?  If you only plan to print a very few pages (10  or less a day) or you need to print photo graphs then the ink based printer has the advantage. Beyond and very low cost there are no advantages to the ink based printer when compared to hp laserjet printers.

You may want to consider refurbished or demo models of HP printers to keep your costs down. example: HP printer 4200n or HP laserjet 4250n printers where $1200 new a couple years ago and now refurbished laser printers start at $350 for these models.  You may say, “I can buy a new HP printer 2030 for $299 why should I get a refurbished 4250 printer? Simple low cost to operate and much more durable.

Always look a the printer cost per page, durability, cost of supplies and history. If you need additional information please contact Advanced Business Computers Inc.