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Why to HP Laser Printer Instead of Deskjets

HP offers the most popular line of laser printers and ink officejet photo printers. However,  what which type is the top best printer for your business?

First and for most you need to know there are NO parts available beyond the encoder strip for any HP ink based machine. That include the photosmart, officejets and deskjet models.  However if  you have a HP Designjet plotters printer ink based machine then all parts are offered.  Any authorized HP laser printer repair service center can get parts for any laser based printer.

The other disadvantage to HP ink based printer when compared to HP laser printers is the cost of supplies.  The laser printer per page costs is usually less than 25% of the cost a hp photosmart or officejet printer.  The HP laser printers are much more durable than their ink based ones too.

Why by an ink based machine?  If you only plan to print a very few pages (10  or less a day) or you need to print photo graphs then the ink based printer has the advantage. Beyond and very low cost there are no advantages to the ink based printer when compared to hp laserjet printers.

You may want to consider refurbished or demo models of HP printers to keep your costs down. example: HP printer 4200n or HP laserjet 4250n printers where $1200 new a couple years ago and now refurbished laser printers start at $350 for these models.  You may say, “I can buy a new HP printer 2030 for $299 why should I get a refurbished 4250 printer? Simple low cost to operate and much more durable.

Always look a the printer cost per page, durability, cost of supplies and history. If you need additional information please contact Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Ricoh Error Code Fuser SC545 SC543

This is a common error code for Ricoh copiers, Savin and Gestetner copiers that need service.  Recently Ricoh has purchased Lanier and now is naming all their new machines Lanier instead of Gestetner, Savin and Ricoh. However, the copier service error codes have remained he same.

When you get this copier printer service code it means the fuser or fixing assembly (same part) has thermistor problem. The copier fuser’s thermistors help regulate the temperature of the fuser assembly. The fuser assembly on all copiers including Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, Sharp and other brands is the part that melts the toner onto the page.

Getting back to the repairing the copier on Ricoh, Savin, Lanier and Gestetner models that have the fuser or fixing code error. The majority of the time the fusers’ thermistors (Middle and read) need to be replaced.  Just cleaning them will not solve the copier repair service code.

It is usually, depending upon the machine, its a 1 to 2 hour copier repair job because the copier repair service technician will need to dissemble the fuser,  insert the two new thermistors, re-assemble,  reset the error code and test the copier machine repair. Also, ask the copier technicians to to do a copier cleaning maintenance while on site.

If you have any questions please post them to this blog or contact Advance Business Computers.

Computer Repair Virus Spyware Help

This is just the second work day of the new year and already we received 7 virus computer repair calls for computer virus help and adware removal. I know you heard that it very important to have up to date best antivirus software and ad ware protection .  However,  people continually refuse to research the best virus software and spyware help.  They would rather listen to a store clerk who is not a computer virus specialist instead of certified virus removal technicians.

Case in point:  A new client called yesterday with a problem with adware and there internet.  They could not connect and when it did  connect it to them to a place they did not want their staff to be. This is a ordinary service call.  However, when they were asked if they can still use their Miscrosft Word or Exel they discovered those programs were having computer virus problems too.  They were using the standard off the shelf virus software recommended (Norton) by an very popular office store trained clerk.  Norton is ok but it’s not in the top 5 programs and hasn’t been for several years. It’s just the best know.

The technician was able to solve their problem but it took 3 hours of labor and cost $347 including installing the best rated anti-virus program on three of their computers  for just $49!  No re-installing there system was not a choice because they had a specialized POS system which they did not have the disks on site.  It could have cost them over $1500 to reinstall the system which have required them to upgrade their POS software to the current version all because of a computer virus adware problem.

Now if you have Norton anti-virus or McAfee then check these out and it’s time for renewal or you just can not afford a computer virus problem tehn check these out:

Bit Defender – 2 years 1 PC computer virus protection

Bit Defender – 2 years 3 PC’s virus protection

Bit Defender  –2 years 5 PC’s we use this in our office

PC Shield Total – I have this on my kids laptops virus software

PC Registary Cleaner – Great program to speed things up and to greatly reduce Windows program errors. This is a trial download.

Simply put: for a few dollars you get the best virus software on the market.  Do not settle for the Big name low protection. get one of the top 3 listed above.  Most computer and office supply stores will NOT CARRY these. they carry the high profit big names lower protection virus software.  Be careful. Be secure!