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Free Printer Repair Help HP Lexmark Dell

Do you need a HP laser printer repair or Lexmark repair? Do you know some of the most common copier printer repairs you can do yourself? There are many site dedicated to do-it-yourself printer and copier repairs. This is one of the sites.  Just post a questions and get answers.

Whether you need a HP printer jam solved,  Lexmark error code checked or a Dell printer issue fixed just post a detailed questions.  We will provide a response concerning the printer repair error and steps needed to be accomplished to resolve the issue.

Special note:  As an authorized repair center with certified printer repair technicians we can not supply repair manuals unless purchased  (we could lose our center certification license).

Things to include when you have copier printer repair questions:

1. Brand and complete model of digital copier printer or laser printer

2. Printer copier repair error code if  any.

3. Word for Word of what it says on the printer LCD screen. Not the computer screen but the laser printer’s screen.

4.  If printer image problem then describe the image.  Repeated patterns?  Vertical or horizontal lines? Background shading?

If the printer copier repair problem is complicated then we will still give you an idea of whats involved.  However, we can not train you on printer copier fax repairs. If you are good with using printer manuals or copier manuals for more complicated repairs we can provide the manuals for Sharp, HP, Okidata, Ricoh, Kyocera, Canon, Toshiba, Copystar, Lexmark, Epson and others starting at $8.99 each. All manuals are in PFD adobe format.

Have a great New Years!

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HP color Laser Printer Problems

Hewlett Packard Color laser printers for the most part offer very good value for the money when you review the mid-range models and higher. However, as in most brands of color printers the sub $700 color laser printers are not designed for business usage.

Case in point:  The Hewlett Packard 2600/2605 series color laser printers.  There are several know problems and the major one is the replacement of the the transfer belt.  Usually this is a simple end user installable supply item. But not with the 260o.  Also, the toner carriage tends to have contact problems so you will need to clean the contracts frequently. Then add the high cost per page for the supplies and you begin to realize that it truly color laser designed for low volume home usage (less than 1,00 per month).

The HP color printer 1600, 2500 and the 2600 color lasers also has problems with the front door breaking.  Everything is plastic and not thick durable plastic either. Open the door to the toner area and you will know what I mean.  Again another indication that this is a HOME color laser printer for light usage.

If you need a color laser printer then always check the manufacturers usage recommendation.  Ask an authorized laser printer or color copier printer dealer for advice.  See if they ask the right questions first before you make the selection of your preferred color printer or color copier dealer.

Does  the color copier dealer or printer center  they only offer one brand or seem more interested in getting you into a 5 year lease than solving your problem?  Do they ask you your monthly volume and determine your true cost per page? Do they offer exact per page agreements to save you money big time or do they load he agreement with pages you will never use?

If you need help or have questions on which model is best for your business then contact Advanced Business Computers Inc now via the web, this blog or by mail.  Remember equipment failure and expensive copier printer lease can be prevented with the right information.

God Created Cell Phones

OK I know we are not in the cell phone business, however, here is something I wrote when a friend said his is Techno – no – nothing.

Year 0 – Phone Technology years started

Year 1 – God created Satellite phones with big modems and even bigger antennas. We can talk away from home now.

Year 5  – God created beepers. Life was getting techie.

Year 10 – God created the brick cell phone. Life was getting better

Year 20 – God created small cell phones. Life was good

Year 25 – God created cell phone text messaging. Life is reversing.

Year 28 – Kids stop talking and started typing messages with thumbs. Life was getting frustrating.

Year 30 – Everybody stopped talking. Life was all thumbs.

Year 31 – Black market flourished for small finger transplants to press the keys to text message. Life was expensive sore little fingers.

Year 33 – Evolution took over and people no longer have mouths.  Life is silent.

Year 35 – Phones no longer dial nor have speakers.

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