Wow! the number of calls received from people buying used copiers printers from companies going out of business is skyrocketing. Most people think the used copier they are getting is a great deal! However, just like buying a used car from a dirt lot, you better be careful when buying used copiers from business going out of business.

Think a minute. They are GOING out of business due to lack of money. Do you think the used printer copier has been maintained? If they have a lack of funds the printers and copiers repairs is last on the list of where to put the money!

We just received three calls today from companies buying used copiers printer scanners less than 1 week ago and the machine are having problems.  This is how the call starts, “Hi I need somebody to come out to clean a copier we are getting lines.” or “Hi we are getting paper jams and we need it fixed right away.” The copier repair technician ask them a few questions about the copier repair needed to proved a FREE Copier repair quote. Where does the printer copier jam occur? What does the line look like and where on the page?

The client tells use they just purchased the used copier scanner from a company going out of business and the people told them the machine works well.  Now the company is gone and they can not get a hold of them. I hate to  say this but they are out of business for a reason!  Do you think once you buy the used copier they will help you if a problem occurs? NO – they sold you the used copier printer,  closed the business and left town for the mountains.

Now lets make a long story short:  The bottom line is that the average repair on the machines cost more than what they paid for the used copiers.  Also, the client found out the used copier scanner printer average ages was 7 years.

Before you buy a used machine get a certified technician to review it. Have the copier repair tech check  the condition, the amount of supplies left (toner, developer, drum) and provide a report to you before you spend a dime on a refurbished or used printer copier.

If you have questions please post them or if you have any used copier printer experiences  contact us at Advanced Business Computers Inc!

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