The costs are starting to drop on laser based color copier printers and scanners. Recent model color copiers and color laser printers hardware by Kyocera and Ricoh have force other players int he copier printer scanner market to reduce the cost of their supplies. Kyocera the low cost per page leader in color copying and printers now boost great image quality too.

Kyocera, the green copier printer company, has always provided low cost per page and fantastic low maintenance copier printers.  However, they were only average in the color printing.  However, during the past three years they have gained a wide following in the color market not just as the low cost per page leaser but in great color quality output of prints and copiers. Now their color copier printers and color printers compete the best of them while excelling in low cost of ownership.

What is the cost of copier printer scanner ownership?  Simply its the total cost including all costs associated with copier repair, maintenance and supplies in a per page amount. every time you use your copier printer scanner it uses a bit of toner, developer, drum, fuser life, and other part costs.  You calculate the cost per page of the printer copier by taking all the costs and divided  the number by the estimated life of the toner, developer, drum, etc.

Other low costs favorites are HP laser printers but not their multi-functions due to their poor repair history. Ricoh, Lanier, Saving and Gestetner is another favorite color copier  printer manufacture. Ricoh manufacturers Lanier, Gestetner and Savin copier brands.  The Ricoh copiers provide very reliable work with very good quality color copier output.  However, they are more expensive than the Kyocera and more costly to maintain.

Other color copier printer scanner brands to consider are Sharp. we do not recommend Canon or Toshiba due to their high cost of ownership and repair parts.

Color copiers printers have greatly come down in their costs to operate. Remember to always check the cost of ownership before you buy.  Call or as a certified technicians which brands work the best and cost less to operate. Stay away from companies who only offer one or two brands because they will be bias. Get a phone Free evaluation or if you plan to purchase a used copier or used printer get a technicians to check it first!

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