When you purchase or lease a fax what are the options? How do you know the durability of the fax equipment? What are the standard features of fax equipment?  Selecting a fax machine as simple as checking the prices and speed.

Fax speed: We are talking about the transmission and receiving speed. In the USA most modern fax machines speeds is 33.6 baud. Older faxes are 19.6. The higher the number the faster it can send and receive. However, the actual speed is determined by the phone line quality and the slower of the two fax machines connected. If you send faxes overseas then expect slower fax machine sending and receiving.

Document feeding: The standard automatic document feeder (ADF or DAFD) can handle 30 pages. Mid range and higher machine will handle 50 and high volume fax equipment will handle up to 75 pages.

Three main fax machine or copier fax scanner all in one features to consider:

Fax printing feature: Printing all faxes received is the standard way of receiving faxes.  Due to legal requirements many companies are forced to retain a hard copy of faxes.

Faxing to computer storage and review: If you have an all in one copier, a fax copier or a fax software package you have the option to receive all your faxes to your computer system. Check with your copier scanner all in one dealer about this option and how to set it up on your computer network.  Basically this method sends all your faxes machines documents to your computer to review before printing. This cuts down on paper and toner costs but INCREASE man hours.

Many people like this option thinking it will reduce costs. It does not!!! Even if you just spend one human minute per fax to review them, it costs more in labor than the actual cost of paper/toner which takes on the average 5 seconds to review.

However, this is a great way to archive faxes due to legal requirements and reduces physical store space of actual pages printed on your office fax machine.

Fax to email: Many companies demand this feature. This features let you scan a fax a document on you office fax equipment and send it as an email. The fax sending process will send it either as a tiff or PDF file to somebody’s email. If you need the ability to spend in different formats talk to your copier fax scanner dealer to see which models have this ability.

One way to make sure you get all the office laser fax machine features at a great price is by obtaining a quality high end used fax machine at a low end price. Many companies buy laser office fax machines by price instead of durability, operating costs and features. High end faxes are designed for many, many years of quality service.  In addition, they are less costly to operate and fail less often.  Review quality used fax machines and compare the per page costs to new low ends ones and you will see a big difference!

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