Which Laptop to choose this holiday season?  Should you get an HP, Sony, Dell, Toshiba laptop.  Recent polls show what people believe are the best ones by name are actually ones you may want to steer away from.

Based on laptop repairs during the last year, the brands with the least number of service calls are Toshiba, Sony and Hewlett Packard.  The ones with the most number of calls are Acer and Dell.  The tow top laptop problems were 1-power supply problems and 2-screens going bad.

The least expensive computer laptops in order are Acer, Dell HP and then Toshiba.  Which one s would we recommend?  Our top pick is Toshiba and the HP laptops.  Toshiba will run you $50 top $100 more than the HP laptop with equal specifications.  I personally have an HP laptop purchased several years ago and its takes a beating. However, all the more recent model laptops including HP’s on the low end ones are less durable.

Check the HP or Toshiba laptops weight. If its a bit heavier then it means more metal! Metal is more durable than plastic so its a trade off between lightness and laptop durability.

What about laser printers? Should you get an HP printer, Dell, Brother MFC or Lexmark.  Personally I would always steer away from Dell printer because they force you to get everything from them (repair, toner supplies, accessories) so you are stuck! yes they are cheap and the reason they are cheap is because they force you to get everything thing from Dell only.  Look for the next blog post concerning the best HP printer, Lexmark, Canon printer or Sharp copier printer or Brother MFC  for business.

If you need help selecting before hand send us a note or reply to this blog.

Have a great weekend!

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