HP Designjet plotter and other large format printers are designed for specific applications. The actual HP Designjet printers start around $1200 for the low end small ones to several thousand dollars.  These printers are prong to problems if not maintained. You can ignore HP laser jet printers maintenance and most problems will result in printer repairs replacing the maintenance kit.  However, the HP Designjet printers are a different story.

The two most critical maintenance parts of the HP plotters wide format printers are the carriage belt assembly and the print head.  If your print head fails you just need to replace it. However, when companies overlook worn HP Designjet plotter belts that are near the end of their life major problem can occur.

Replacing the belt alone cost with labor $250 to $350 depending upon the model. When the Designjet belt breaks it can cause damage to the carriage assembly, print head and even short out the power module.  It’s important to check the belt even quarter to check for frays and wear. Do not wait until it snaps or causes Designjet print head to get stuck and causes major damage.

HP plotter Designjet trailing carriage assemble costs $157 to $267 depending upon the model. Power modules cost $800 to $2000 or more.  Labor rates are $125 to $150 per hour with most repairs taking 2…4 hours plus parts. So you can see monitoring your HP belt is important.

What causes the carriage belt to break or wear? Normal usage, age and over condition of the HP Designjet printer plotter.  The HP printer needs lubrication of the machine to keep the carriage running smoothly.  If it’s not cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis expect you belt to jam and break causing hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

If you are in South East Florida and need HP Designjet printer help contact us for help and fast over the phone estimates.  Or request help through our website Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Remember, your HP Designjet printer plotter is just like a car, with regular maintenance and HP printer belt replacement it will provide years of great service

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