What’s in a Kyocera Copystar Maintenance Repair Kit?

Do you own a Kyocera copier printer or Copystar copier printer scanner? Kyocera copiers including the Copystar copier brand of Kyocera, has the industries best approach to equipment maintenance. Instead of having multiple maintenance kits at various intervals they created one Kyocera maintenance repair kit with a huge interval between replacements (up to 300,000 pages).

The Copystar Kits and the Kyocera repair maintenance kits contain 95% of all parts that present problems with copier printer scanner equipment. The maintenance kit contains the fuser assembly, Kyocera drum, developer, transfer charge rollers, paper feed rollers, separation rollers and other wear and tear parts.

When the technician installs the maintenance kit during the Kyocera or Copystar copier repair service maintenance call they should perform several procedures beyond just replacing the parts in the Kyocera maintenance kit.  Addition steps during the copier printer maintenance service repair call include complete cleaning of the machine, lubrication of drive gears, color adjustment and final test of all the functions of the Kyocera copier printer scanner.

The complete copier printer maintenance repair service call will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.  The Kyocera and Copystar maintenance kits currently range $500 to $795 depending upon the model of the Kyocera printer copier.

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