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What’s in a Kyocera Copystar Maintenance Repair Kit?

Do you own a Kyocera copier printer or Copystar copier printer scanner? Kyocera copiers including the Copystar copier brand of Kyocera, has the industries best approach to equipment maintenance. Instead of having multiple maintenance kits at various intervals they created one Kyocera maintenance repair kit with a huge interval between replacements (up to 300,000 pages).

The Copystar Kits and the Kyocera repair maintenance kits contain 95% of all parts that present problems with copier printer scanner equipment. The maintenance kit contains the fuser assembly, Kyocera drum, developer, transfer charge rollers, paper feed rollers, separation rollers and other wear and tear parts.

When the technician installs the maintenance kit during the Kyocera or Copystar copier repair service maintenance call they should perform several procedures beyond just replacing the parts in the Kyocera maintenance kit.  Addition steps during the copier printer maintenance service repair call include complete cleaning of the machine, lubrication of drive gears, color adjustment and final test of all the functions of the Kyocera copier printer scanner.

The complete copier printer maintenance repair service call will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.  The Kyocera and Copystar maintenance kits currently range $500 to $795 depending upon the model of the Kyocera printer copier.

If you need help installing a maintenance kit the go to Advanced Business Computers Inc. request a free over the phone quote to solve your copier printer repair problem for Kyocera and Copystar brands.

Even get a complete new printer copier maintenance delivered directly to your facility. Contact Advanced Business Computers Inc. now!

Large Format Printer Copiers Color

Do you have a need to print or copier pages up to 11 x 17 or 12 x 18  for advertising, newsletters or other business applications?  then a digital color copier or laser printers is the best way to show off you work the best at an economical cost.

Printing color pages from laser printers or color copiers gives you the ability produce hundreds and even thousands of pages at a fraction of the cost of using a ink based machine. Plus the color copiers and color laser printers are faster, more durable and can handle heavy paper stock.

If you just need to print color pages then (not scan or copy) up to 11 x 17 in size then consider the HP printer 5500 or 5550.  The other option is Okidata or Lexmark printers. The main difference between 11 x 17 HP printers and the other brands is the ease of repair and low cost maintenance.   On the high end of cost (toners, repairs and maintenance) are Xerox phaser printers and Minolta printers .

If out need a full bleed color printer up to 12 x 18 then check out the Sharps color printers or color copier printers. They provide full bleed quality prints at a low cost. We have several clients who just love the Sharp Ar-C260p model and even refurbished used Sharp copier printer AR-C320 that not only prints in color, it faxes, copiers, and scans too!  Ricoh copiers are another favorite due to durability and quality of output.

HP printer all in ones that print, copy, fax and scan are great choices too, however, they tend to cost more per page us use than true copier printer based machines from Ricoh, Sharp, and Kyocera.  On the high side of maintenance are the Toshiba, Xerox and Canon brands of copier printers scanners.

The other option is quality low page count  used copier printers with warranty. Check out the Ricoh, Kyocera and Sharp brands which are the more durable brands.

HP Toshiba or Sony Laptops Which One?

Which Laptop to choose this holiday season?  Should you get an HP, Sony, Dell, Toshiba laptop.  Recent polls show what people believe are the best ones by name are actually ones you may want to steer away from.

Based on laptop repairs during the last year, the brands with the least number of service calls are Toshiba, Sony and Hewlett Packard.  The ones with the most number of calls are Acer and Dell.  The tow top laptop problems were 1-power supply problems and 2-screens going bad.

The least expensive computer laptops in order are Acer, Dell HP and then Toshiba.  Which one s would we recommend?  Our top pick is Toshiba and the HP laptops.  Toshiba will run you $50 top $100 more than the HP laptop with equal specifications.  I personally have an HP laptop purchased several years ago and its takes a beating. However, all the more recent model laptops including HP’s on the low end ones are less durable.

Check the HP or Toshiba laptops weight. If its a bit heavier then it means more metal! Metal is more durable than plastic so its a trade off between lightness and laptop durability.

What about laser printers? Should you get an HP printer, Dell, Brother MFC or Lexmark.  Personally I would always steer away from Dell printer because they force you to get everything from them (repair, toner supplies, accessories) so you are stuck! yes they are cheap and the reason they are cheap is because they force you to get everything thing from Dell only.  Look for the next blog post concerning the best HP printer, Lexmark, Canon printer or Sharp copier printer or Brother MFC  for business.

If you need help selecting before hand send us a note or reply to this blog.

Have a great weekend!

The costs are starting to drop on laser based color copier printers and scanners. Recent model color copiers and color laser printers hardware by Kyocera and Ricoh have force other players int he copier printer scanner market to reduce the cost of their supplies. Kyocera the low cost per page leader in color copying and printers now boost great image quality too.

Kyocera, the green copier printer company, has always provided low cost per page and fantastic low maintenance copier printers.  However, they were only average in the color printing.  However, during the past three years they have gained a wide following in the color market not just as the low cost per page leaser but in great color quality output of prints and copiers. Now their color copier printers and color printers compete the best of them while excelling in low cost of ownership.

What is the cost of copier printer scanner ownership?  Simply its the total cost including all costs associated with copier repair, maintenance and supplies in a per page amount. every time you use your copier printer scanner it uses a bit of toner, developer, drum, fuser life, and other part costs.  You calculate the cost per page of the printer copier by taking all the costs and divided  the number by the estimated life of the toner, developer, drum, etc.

Other low costs favorites are HP laser printers but not their multi-functions due to their poor repair history. Ricoh, Lanier, Saving and Gestetner is another favorite color copier  printer manufacture. Ricoh manufacturers Lanier, Gestetner and Savin copier brands.  The Ricoh copiers provide very reliable work with very good quality color copier output.  However, they are more expensive than the Kyocera and more costly to maintain.

Other color copier printer scanner brands to consider are Sharp. we do not recommend Canon or Toshiba due to their high cost of ownership and repair parts.

Color copiers printers have greatly come down in their costs to operate. Remember to always check the cost of ownership before you buy.  Call or as a certified technicians which brands work the best and cost less to operate. Stay away from companies who only offer one or two brands because they will be bias. Get a phone Free evaluation or if you plan to purchase a used copier or used printer get a technicians to check it first!

Used Copier Printer Refurbished Copiers

Wow! the number of calls received from people buying used copiers printers from companies going out of business is skyrocketing. Most people think the used copier they are getting is a great deal! However, just like buying a used car from a dirt lot, you better be careful when buying used copiers from business going out of business.

Think a minute. They are GOING out of business due to lack of money. Do you think the used printer copier has been maintained? If they have a lack of funds the printers and copiers repairs is last on the list of where to put the money!

We just received three calls today from companies buying used copiers printer scanners less than 1 week ago and the machine are having problems.  This is how the call starts, “Hi I need somebody to come out to clean a copier we are getting lines.” or “Hi we are getting paper jams and we need it fixed right away.” The copier repair technician ask them a few questions about the copier repair needed to proved a FREE Copier repair quote. Where does the printer copier jam occur? What does the line look like and where on the page?

The client tells use they just purchased the used copier scanner from a company going out of business and the people told them the machine works well.  Now the company is gone and they can not get a hold of them. I hate to  say this but they are out of business for a reason!  Do you think once you buy the used copier they will help you if a problem occurs? NO – they sold you the used copier printer,  closed the business and left town for the mountains.

Now lets make a long story short:  The bottom line is that the average repair on the machines cost more than what they paid for the used copiers.  Also, the client found out the used copier scanner printer average ages was 7 years.

Before you buy a used machine get a certified technician to review it. Have the copier repair tech check  the condition, the amount of supplies left (toner, developer, drum) and provide a report to you before you spend a dime on a refurbished or used printer copier.

If you have questions please post them or if you have any used copier printer experiences  contact us at Advanced Business Computers Inc!

HP Plotter Maintenance and Desigjnet Belt Problems

HP Designjet plotter and other large format printers are designed for specific applications. The actual HP Designjet printers start around $1200 for the low end small ones to several thousand dollars.  These printers are prong to problems if not maintained. You can ignore HP laser jet printers maintenance and most problems will result in printer repairs replacing the maintenance kit.  However, the HP Designjet printers are a different story.

The two most critical maintenance parts of the HP plotters wide format printers are the carriage belt assembly and the print head.  If your print head fails you just need to replace it. However, when companies overlook worn HP Designjet plotter belts that are near the end of their life major problem can occur.

Replacing the belt alone cost with labor $250 to $350 depending upon the model. When the Designjet belt breaks it can cause damage to the carriage assembly, print head and even short out the power module.  It’s important to check the belt even quarter to check for frays and wear. Do not wait until it snaps or causes Designjet print head to get stuck and causes major damage.

HP plotter Designjet trailing carriage assemble costs $157 to $267 depending upon the model. Power modules cost $800 to $2000 or more.  Labor rates are $125 to $150 per hour with most repairs taking 2…4 hours plus parts. So you can see monitoring your HP belt is important.

What causes the carriage belt to break or wear? Normal usage, age and over condition of the HP Designjet printer plotter.  The HP printer needs lubrication of the machine to keep the carriage running smoothly.  If it’s not cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis expect you belt to jam and break causing hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

If you are in South East Florida and need HP Designjet printer help contact us for help and fast over the phone estimates.  Or request help through our website Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Remember, your HP Designjet printer plotter is just like a car, with regular maintenance and HP printer belt replacement it will provide years of great service

Laser Fax all in one printer fax scanner features

When you purchase or lease a fax what are the options? How do you know the durability of the fax equipment? What are the standard features of fax equipment?  Selecting a fax machine as simple as checking the prices and speed.

Fax speed: We are talking about the transmission and receiving speed. In the USA most modern fax machines speeds is 33.6 baud. Older faxes are 19.6. The higher the number the faster it can send and receive. However, the actual speed is determined by the phone line quality and the slower of the two fax machines connected. If you send faxes overseas then expect slower fax machine sending and receiving.

Document feeding: The standard automatic document feeder (ADF or DAFD) can handle 30 pages. Mid range and higher machine will handle 50 and high volume fax equipment will handle up to 75 pages.

Three main fax machine or copier fax scanner all in one features to consider:

Fax printing feature: Printing all faxes received is the standard way of receiving faxes.  Due to legal requirements many companies are forced to retain a hard copy of faxes.

Faxing to computer storage and review: If you have an all in one copier, a fax copier or a fax software package you have the option to receive all your faxes to your computer system. Check with your copier scanner all in one dealer about this option and how to set it up on your computer network.  Basically this method sends all your faxes machines documents to your computer to review before printing. This cuts down on paper and toner costs but INCREASE man hours.

Many people like this option thinking it will reduce costs. It does not!!! Even if you just spend one human minute per fax to review them, it costs more in labor than the actual cost of paper/toner which takes on the average 5 seconds to review.

However, this is a great way to archive faxes due to legal requirements and reduces physical store space of actual pages printed on your office fax machine.

Fax to email: Many companies demand this feature. This features let you scan a fax a document on you office fax equipment and send it as an email. The fax sending process will send it either as a tiff or PDF file to somebody’s email. If you need the ability to spend in different formats talk to your copier fax scanner dealer to see which models have this ability.

One way to make sure you get all the office laser fax machine features at a great price is by obtaining a quality high end used fax machine at a low end price. Many companies buy laser office fax machines by price instead of durability, operating costs and features. High end faxes are designed for many, many years of quality service.  In addition, they are less costly to operate and fail less often.  Review quality used fax machines and compare the per page costs to new low ends ones and you will see a big difference!

If you have may questions please feel free to contact us.  See our website for additional information. Feel free to call us or request help through  our website or call us for a quick response.

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