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This is going to be short and to the point.  The based HP photo smart, Officejet and other brands of ink based machines (except for Brother brand – will explain in a minute) are considered THROW-AWAY machines once the fail due to a broken or worn out part.  Plan and simple there are NO parts for these machines unless you cannibalize a same model machine.

As an authorized repair center, HP does not offer parts for their photosmart, officejet machines and deskjets.  The same holds true for Epson Stylus, Canon Multipass and other brands of ink based machine. The only exception to the rule is Brother MFC, DCP and PPF printers copiers and faxes.

Only Brother offers all parts needed to authorized repair centers for their line of Brother all in one MFC’s and DCP machines.  However due to the low cost of the Brother MFC machines, it does not always make sense to repair them.   We always advise to get extended warranties on all ink based HP photosmart, Officejets, Deskjets, Brother MFC all in ones and other brands of ink based printers.

But be careful of the service plan to make sure it includes shipping costs or On-site printer repair (at your location). Remember the ink based HP printers and Epson Stylus and Brother MFC’s are designed for very low volume usage (5 to 15 pages a day).  They are very costly to operate (per page cost) and has an estimated life of less than two years.

If you have any questions please concerning HP printer repair , all in on printers, copier service or plotter help please contact us at Advanced Business Computers Inc.

What’s the real difference between HP printer toner cartridges and compatible cartridges?  First, you need to know that HP does not make laser printers or printer toner cartridges. HP laser printers are made by Canon for HP. Just like Dell’s are make by    Lexmark printers and some Samsung. There are many other examples of one company labeling another company’s laser printer their own. Also, Dell and Lexmark will modify the plastics of the toner cartridge to force you to buy from Dell instead of the lower cost Lexmark toner cartridge. Here come the compatible recycled toner cartridge companies who know the truth.

As a HP compatible recycled cartridge manufacturer we learn the tricks Lexmark, HP, Dell and other companies play to try to force you to only buy from them. The tricks involve placing micro chips on laser printer cartridges or plastic modification of the printer toner.

Once the trick is discovered, it just takes a bit of time and money by ISO:9000 certified toner cartridge facilities determine how to recycle or manufacture compatible cartridges to rival the OEM (Original equipment manufactures) quality at a lower cost.  HP is one of the few printer marketing companies who have embraced the compatible toner cartridge market.  HP states publicly that using a compatible toner cartridge does not void warranties unless the compatible directly caused the problem.

In the last 15 years in business, manufacturing and selling 10’s of thousands of HP toner cartridges recycled not once did a cartridge cause a printer failure.  Toner cartridges (new and recycled) do fail. However, we have never seen on of our compatible recycled toner cartridges a physical mechanical failure. The most they do is cause bad image quality or noise. Toner cartridges do not cause gears breakage, power supply failures, fuser failures or other related problems.

The main concern when selecting a toner cartridges compatible company is the quality of the supply. How was it made? What parts were replaced when recycling? If you buy just by price you will lose! Quality recycled HP toner cartridge or Lexmark cartridge will save you 27% to 45% from discount office store OEM pricing. If you try to squeeze a few more cents by buying the cheapest you will lose in the long end in quality of your laser printer or copier pages produced.

if you have questions concerning printer repair or how to reduce your cost by using quality toner cartridges please contact Advanced Business Computers Inc or respond to this blog.  Have a fantastic day and go green with compatible recycled Lexmark, Dell, Canon and HP toner cartridges (other brands too!).

Kyocera Copystar Maintenace Kit repair

The Kyocera copier printers and all in one equipment is considered one of the best copier scanners in the industry for reliability and duty cycle (durability).  The most of the Kyocera KM and Copystar CS line have a duty cycle between maintenance cycles of 300.000 pages. That far and above Most of Canon copiers 80K, Ricoh copiers 150K, and Toshiba 60K maintenance cycles.

The company of Mita owes the Kycoera and Copystar brands. This articles concerns the Mita Kyocera and the Mita Copystar copiers only.

What’ s in the Kyocera and Copystar repair maintenance kit?

The Kyocera maintenance kits contains 95% off all the wear and tear parts. Both the Mita Kyocera copier repair and the Copystar repair maintenance kits are the exact same parts.  The kit contains the fuser, developer, drum unit, corona rollers, paper pickup roller and separation rollers.  Plus the Mita Kyocera copier repair kit comes other material for handling the parts.

It is recommended that an authorized Mita Kyocera copier repair technicians install the kit? Yes.  Beyond installing the parts the equipment needs cleaning, lubrication and adjustments once the copier maintenance kit is installed.  It’s takes a copier repair service technician approximately 1.5 hours to complete the installation and copier maintenance steps.

What’s the cost of a maintenance kit?

This varies by company. The range is From $597 to $947 not including the installation and copier repair maintenance.  If you have a copier lease maintenance program or copier maintenance agreement then the copier repair maintenance Kit is usually included.

If you need a copier maintenance kit for Kyocera, Ricoh, Sharp or other brand for copier repair please contact Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Do you own a full size digital copier printer by Ricoh, Kyocera, Canon, Sharp or other brand? Just like you car,  laser printers and copiers printers require periodic maintenance  kits, adjustments and lubrication.

If   you have an HP laser printer than most parts of the  HP maintenance kit is user installable. The laserjet maintenance kit does not show you how to lubricate, adjust or clean the device but it will provide the information need to replace the hp feed rollers, fuser assembly and transfer corona roller.

It’s highly recommended that when the hp printer maintenance kit is replace that you clean the machine, lubricate the main gears and check other components. Use a certified hp repair technician is needed because you will need a toner vacuum that traps particles down to 2 microns, Teflon non conductive lubricant and various tools to perform a proper hp laserjet repair maintenance.

If  you are a 100% do it yourself type of person, then get the recommended vacuum is the 3m toner vac (approx $197) with a 2 micron filter. Obtain non-conductive Teflon grease from Superlube and Phillips screw drive.

In order to  properly lubricate your HP printer you will need to remove the covers to access the main drives gears. of you laser printer. Make sure you disconnect the power before you do anything on your printer or all in one device.

In addition to the main drive gear lubrication  some color laser printer models require lubrication of the toner cartridge carousel and transport gears.  It’s best to use a certified  HP repair technician or a authorized Lexmark repair person if you are dealing  with a hp color printer or Lexmark color laser.

If you have any questions concerning the maintenance kit please contact Advanced Business Computers Inc or add an comment to this blog to get help right away!

What copier scanner or laser printer all in one features do you need for your business equipment.  What is better a desktop HP laser all in one MDF’s or a business class Copystar Kyocera copier printer scanner with tons of standard features that cost more to obtain but less to operate?

Do you know the copier scanner or laser printer features you need?  Do you keno what ADF, DAPF, Duplex, offeset and other terms used to describe the best printer copier choice for you?

Who do you ask for help?  An %8.50 hour store sales stocking clerk who just repeats what they are told or a copier printer service repair technicians who has years of experience every day who repairs copiers and printers for a living?

Either way you need to know what they are talking about. If you are looking for a copier printer all in one for your office get advice from experts and learn the following basic copier and laser printer all in one terms:

Copier Features:

The copier printer all in one industry has changed over the past three years. What use to be options now comes as standard accessories on many copier models whether an desktop HP laser all in one or a business class Kyocera or sharp copier scanner.

Automatic documents feeders (ADF or RADF) – Standard

This sits on the top of the copier printer scanner so that gives you the ability to automatically feed a stack of papers to copy, fax out or scan to computer. Some brands of copiers still call this an option. However, a machine never goes  out the door without this. Usually the feeder allows up to 50 pages (some up to 100 pages) at one time on your digital copier or multi-function printer.

Digital Sorting – Standard

All brands of digital photocopiers all in ones for the past 5 years provide offset digital sorting without using an external optional mailbox finisher.

Digital sorting means each copy, print or fax job is “offset” from the previous one (shifted side to side). This feature does not limit the number of document sets your copier can sort. If you had an optional external mailbox finisher then you are limited to the number of slots.

Duplex – Standard on most units

The duplex unit gives your digital copier the ability to do two sided printing and copying. It’s an option on some brands. However the more recent models (3 years old or less) it’s standard.

Paper Drawers

All business class copier printer scanners come with two paper drawers. The lower end personal copiers usually come with one drawer. Each paper drawer “cassette” handles several size papers from A4 up to 11 x 17.  Most of the current models can handle sizes A4 to Legal. Most mid-range digital copier’s drawers handle paper up to 11 x 17 size pages.

Paper Cassette Drawer Options include:  Additional paper drawers (feeders) up to 3,000 pages on some models of copiers. The typical optional copier paper drawers handle 500 sheets of paper. If you are using heavy paper stock you may need to use a bypass tray on your laser printer copier.

Go Green Power Save

This is a standard feature of most recent model digital copiers scanners.  Due to pressure from governments, end user and marketing professionals, power save mode is here to stay. Basically the color copier printer will put itself in a lower power usage stage waiting for printer copier jobs to process. Once it receives a job it powers back up quickly. This reduces electrical expenses – saves you money.

Faxing option:

Usually this is an option not a standard copier scanner accessory.  This copier all in one option gives you the ability to send and received faxes. Plus, with most brands of photocopiers you get fax to email and fax to computers. If you have a network it will require setup of mail boxes and installation of software of each computer.

Security, Client tracking, and Department Billing

Lawyers are great at this. They charge their clients for every piece of paper produced on the printer copier scanner. One way they track the actual number of pages produce is through the digital photocopiers security measures. Most machines have the ability to assign access codes.

You can assign a copier access code for each employee, client or department. Once setup you have to input a security code before a job will print or copy on the all in one. At the end of the billing period just print an access report to get the total pages copied or printed by each access code.

Not Sure What You need?

Ask questions!

If your sales person is all hype and no meat then go someplace else.  Color printer copier features and options are designed for a specific purpose.

Do not assume the digital copier scanner will do what you want. Ask for the specification sheet. Want more information contact me through our blog at Advanced Business Computers Inc.  If you need help determining the best copier or printer then go to the copier printer scanner help form.

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Equipment is getting more complicated and the choices are increasing.  The merging of the traditional printer and copier machines has presented companies with hard decisions.  What is the best manufacturer for the money? Lowest printer copier cost? Best copier scanner options and functionality? Most durable printer copier?  Canon copier, Toshiba copier, Minolta, Ricoh, Gestetner, Xerox, HP, Sharp, Lanier, Copystar, Lexmark, Brother?

Now compound the many brands of copiers and laser printers with copier sales companies that only specialize in one or two brands and it’s clear to see why companies have problems with selecting the right equipment or getting in the wrong lease.

If you get your equipment from a company which specializes in one brand of laser printer or copier scanner all in one take care.  If you work directly with the copier manufacturer be double aware! Why? Because you will receive a bias view.

If a vendor only represent Canon or Sharp copiers how will you know if you should get a Gestetner, Kyocera, HP or Ricoh may be better.  So what should you do? Which is the best copier printer for you?

Do some basic best copier or laser printer research online using the buyer’s lab reports.  Bertl printer or copier scanner report.  Bli best copier ratings.  Or even Better For Business best copier award report.

Look for awards by unbiased sources and low failure rates. If the model is brand new; wait a few months so the copier company has time to get the bugs out.  Do not assume that a BIG NAME means the best copier or printer choice.

Did you know the Lanier / Gestetner/ Ricoh / Savin are  the same company?  Mita / CopyStar / Kyocera too! Did you know HP laser printers are actually Canon based? So what name is better when they are the same? some copier brands are better than others.  The biggest names are usually not the best copiers – they just know how to SELL you better.

It’s a challenge to make an educated best copier selection. Be careful.  Ask questions. Get referrals. Check the service record of the copier service or printer company you choose.

Check you current copier lease.  When is your printer copier lease up for renewal?  Does it offer a lump sum or 1$ buy-out clause at the end of the lease?  What is the current value of the digital copier or laser printer?  What is the estimated life of the copier/printer?  Most of these questions are simple to determine with a few keystrokes on the Internet.

Get all the answer before you commit.   Ask questions about the maintenance program or what the copier lease includes. Look at the terms.  Know you page counts and be very careful not to fail in the low ball tactics of some copier printer leasing companies.

Call to get a competitive quote or to get an unbiased report on the copier.  Feel free to call Advanced Business Computers Inc any time you have a questions concerning printer copiers,  copier scanners fax or other all in one office equipment.

Did you know that the HP laser printers are actually made by Canon? HP laser printer marketing has captured the majority of the printer copier market. However, their laser printer and all in one toner based machine are actually made by Canon Corporation. Of top major laser printer copier manufacturers Brother and Lexmark make their own printers, copiers sand all in one machines.  Dell laser printers are either Lexmark or Samsung printers.

Now you know who makes the popular laser printers.  Let’s see how the digital laser printer copier toner cartridges work in simple terms.

When the laser printer or digital copier receives the information from your computer is builds an image in the laser printer or copier scanners  memory.  Once the image is completely built in the in the copier printer memory, the laser printer starts to lay the magnetic image on the drum unit using a laser light. The laser light puts a charge on the toner cartridge drum where it wants to attract toner of the copier laser printer.

If you have a HP laser printer or Lexmark then the drum is part of the printer’s toner cartridge. Brother MFC, Okidata laser printers, Sharp copiers, Ricoh copier and Gestetner have separate toners and drum units.

In the laser printer and digital copier, as the drum rotates the toner it attracted to the magnetic image on the drum.   At the same time the paper is subject to a high voltage to produce a magnetic charge on the laser printer copiers’ paper.  The paper passes below the drum and attracts the toner on the drum thus “transferring the image” to the paper.

As the toner cartridge drum continues around the drum blade wipes off the excess toner. Now what the difference between compatible and OEM cartridges?

First, what’s OEM?  It means “Original equipment manufacturer”. In other words, HP printers are a Canon cartridges that are relabeled. All HP toner cartridges, whether compatible or one work the same way. The trick is to find a company who does a fantastic job in making compatible toner cartridges for laser printers copiers. The best way is to test drive a cartridge. Ask you local companies to test drive a compatible cartridge.

Many companies will even give you FREE printer maintenance just for trying their toner laser printer cartridge service.  Call or request a Free 21 toner cartridge day trial now!

If you want to save money on you supplies and insure that you always get quality toner cartridges and other printer supplies or copier supplies visit Advanced Business Computers Inc. or attached a comment to this post for a quick response.

It has always amazed me the number of businesses and government agencies that just think about “NOW” when selecting replacement printer, copiers and fax machines. How do you purchase your company’s copier printers or laser printers?

“It’s a buyers beware – the manufacturers are going to get you!”

Have you notice a change? The US dollar is dropping in value. gold is skyrocketing and Lexmark, HP, Xerox and other equipment manufactures announced big price increases on their supplies.

Just when you are trying to cut costs, they raised your cost on supplies! But, did the copiers scanner or hp laser printers actual equipment go up in price?

NO.  Why?

Because they are out to get you!  It’s the old game of getting you with inexpensive laser printers, desktop copiers and all in one equipment and then socking it to you with higher supply costs.

Are you one of those people who fail to think about the future costs of operating the equipment when you buy copier printers or printer scanners all in one?  93% of the companies in America spend more money on supplies than they do on the actual laser printer, digital copier over the like of the equipment

5 Things You Should Know

Before You Buy

#1: What toner supplies do the laser printer or digital copier use? What the cost of each supply item? Toner cartridge? Drum?  Developer?

#2: What is the estimated number of pages you will get from each toner cartridge supply item? Now calculate your cost per page.

#3: FACT! The lower the cost of the copier printer, HP laser printer or fax the more it cost per page to operate!

#4: What is the DUTY cycle of the laser printer– NOT print speed?  The print speed has nothing to do with the durability. The duty cycle is the key. the higher the duty cycle the more durable is the laser printer or copier scanner all in one.

Now, take the duty cycle and multiply it by .20 (20%) and you should not average over this number of pages per month.

#5: Get a higher end slightly used copier or laser printer for the save or less than a low end used printer scanner. They will outlast and cost less to operate over the long run.

The catch here is getting a used one in good condition. We get calls every week from people buying used copiers and laser printers  cheap just to find out in a month that the equipment needs major work.

Consider Dealer Select fully warranted machines. If you are looking for quality used equipment call us. It does not cost you a single cent to ask.

If you have may questions please feel free to contact us.  See our website for additional information. Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website or call us for a quick response.

(Emergency Access, Business Security & Maybe Save Your Job!)

How many times have you heard that backing up your computer data is critical to you and your business? Do you do it? Does your company? What about business continuation when you lose power due to a storm or fire?  What about a virus attack on your computer data?  How long will it take you to recover data from your computer and at what cost?

Others think using a USB drive or a second computer for data back up it good until a virus hits their network or a storm completely shuts down their business fro a few days to weeks!

Many companies do computer backup right way by having a remote back-up system in place.  Either they use a service or maintain a remote site themselves. If you have a business in Florida, then you know you are at risk to storms and other natural emergencies that leave your business down. What should you have in place to backup your company data?

Two things:

1). Remote Backup

2.) Remote emergency business site.

Let’s tackle the remote data backup site first. Just as it sounds, if you are in businesses that provide a service, then you clients will need to reach you.  If you are an insurance agency, law firm, repair facility, supply shop or if you provide any service which people need in an emergency – do you have a remote emergency site with backup power?  Do you have a web site where people can contact you and a way for you to contact them?  The site could be as simple as somebody’s home who has backup power where a couple of your staff members can work for a few days until your business is back up and running. Businesses lose major money and respect from client when they cannot reach you.  Enough said.

Remote Backup for Emergency and data recovery. If you do not have a remote back-up in place then think about this:  Companies spend over 427 Millions dollars every year recovering from data disasters either from corruptions or not being able to access their data.

Remote backup is a very cost effective, easy and hassle free way to make your business secure.

This is how it works:

1. Install software on your computer.

2. Configure when you want the back ups to happen and what you stored.

3. Sit back and let it do its thing automatically.

What are the costs?

Most companies pay between $4.95 to $12.95 per month depending upon the amount of data backup storage room needed.  Just a few dollars gives you the insurance.

Here are some remote data backup storage service recommended and tested over the past three years:

Name                                   Fee type

Peace of Mind – Only $4.95/Month! Get Mozy Unlimited Online Backup. Monthly or yearly starting at $17.00

If you have may questions please feel free to contact us.  See our website for additional information. Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website or call us for a quick response.

Advanced Business Computers, Inc.

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What is and What Isn’t a True Office equipment Copier Printer Management Program or Printer Scanner Lease Program?

Many copier leasing companies try to make you believe that there are one size fit all or rigid printer copier lease agreements.  With Advanced Business Computers Inc.  each and every copier leasing program is designed based upon your current and future structure. In contrast to the current up-sale culture of most copier leasing companies, get a office equipment management program using your existing equipment, new equipment or combination to increase our productivity while avoiding additional costs were possible.

A true office equipment provider:   It’s the printer, copier and all in one device equipment  management provider to present a program that makes your life easier. Through a through understanding of your business model the programs could reduce your current costs by 15% to 37%.

Some steps Advanced Business Computers Inc use to evaluate your environment:

  • Review your current digital copiers leases, laser printer and office equipment usage
  • Determine your current color copier or black and white printing copying costs: hard and soft costs
  • Identify current bottle necks and inefficiencies in your copier scanner printer equipment
  • Review your present office equipment environment (layout) with you and develop a plan to give you better control
  • Create a program designed around your not around the copier leasing companies agenda.

And here is an important factor. .

It’s Advanced Business Computers Inc  job to create a quality solution that makes your life easier to give you time for more important business tasks at the same time as being cost effective. If we do not do this then you will not be satisfied and we will lose you as a client. It’s to our and your benefits to create a program that works for you.

Why Copier companies and traditional leasing companies do not Advanced Business computers. The programs for Advacned Business Computers clients are in sharp contrast to Up-Selling you new hardware. Some programs do not even consist of replacing your existing equipment or centralizing that cost 79% of the company’s survey more money than it saved them. You will know the true cost.

Traditional copier leasing companies hide your true costs in lease agreements. Printer copier leasing companies play ticks with your laser printer or digital copier page counts. Plus, if you need new equipment, which copier printer leasing companies always say you do, then most copier scanner leasing companies forced you to fit into a particular vendor hardware list.

Get a office equipment program not based on one particular brand such as Sharp, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Epson, Gestetner (Ricoh), or other brand. Our job is to make your business run more effectively with less time involvement on your part and less headaches.

Wait there’s more. . .

Did you know that 79% of the companies who lease equipment in the traditional method actually spend 45% to 67% more per page than they should because of how the lease program is setup? Do you know your true per page true cost and how to calculate it?

Call and ask for. . .

“What Copier printer Leasing Companies Hide and Do Not Want YOU To Know

(this is a DIRTY little secrets that makes them rich and hides your true costs!)

How do you think Xerox, Canon,. Sharp, Ricoh and Minolta became so big? That’s right call now to get the 100% Free report!

Feel free to request help through Advanced Business Computers Inc blog or Advanced Business Computers Inc .

I hope this article was helpful concerning why to lease copier printers instead of tying up your capital during poor economic times. Get the MFD digital copier or laser printer needed now to stay competitive and reduce costs.