Hewlett Packard, Sharp and Ricoh Page Count How to Print it Out!

We are asked this question all the time, “How do I get a current page count for my print copier?” If you have an HP printer, Sharp copier Printer Ricoh copier including Gestetner, Lanier and Savin brands and you want to know the current page count (how many pages the copier printer has printed over the life of the machine) then read on.

If you have other brands look for future posts or send us a message through the blog request how to get my page count form my laser printer, copier printer or multi-function digital copier.

Sharp copier printer scanner page counts:

1. On the keypad press Custom Settings button

2. On the screen press Total Count

3. On the screen read the count or press Print on the screen to get a print out of  total copies on the Sharp.

Ricoh brand copier printers scanners including Gestetner, Lanier and Savin:

1. On keypad press User Tools

2. On screen press Counter

3. Press print totals on screen for a page print of total pages on the Ricoh copy machine.

Now for he HP laser based printers fax machines and 3 in 1 laserjets:

HP use to keep all the printer menu functions similar on their machines. However, not all Hewlett Packard printers and fax machines have the LCD screen menu system. Some just have dummy light(usually the low end ones). In this article I’m going to cover the majority of the HP laser printers that have a LCD screen with a menu button.

The major it of HP multi-function laserjets will tell you the page count on the configuration page. The configuration page shows you the current options, serial number, IP address if networked and other useful information.  Here are the steps:

1. Press the menu button

2. Use the arrow keys or next button to go to the HP printer configuration or information page

3. This is where on various printers the menu functions of the HP laser jet may differ. You want to use the arrow key to go tothe configuration Print page.  On newer models it will actually say “print configuration page” and others you need to select the configuraion page and then select print.

4. Once you find the configuration page press “select”  or the green check mark to select the print option on the laser printer.

If you have other brands of printer such as Lexmark printers, Okidata, Xerox, Kyocera please let me know and I will post the method. The  same holds true for other brands of copier printer scanners Toshiba, Canon, Kyocera, Minolta. If  I am not sure I will ask one of our certified copier printer repair technicians or pull open the service manual for the printer and let you know.

Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website for a quick response. I hope this article was helpful.   Yours friends at Advanced Business Computers Inc.

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