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What are the Normal Laser Printer Problems?

Just like your car tires there are common wear parts with laser printers, faxes and copiers.  Whether you have an HP laser,  Lexmark printer, canon digital fax or copier they contain the same basic components the break drown: pickup rollers, fusers, separation pads and imaging units.

90% of all repairs involve at least one of the parts in your.  Fuser repairs on most laser printers and fax machines take 1 hour to time. Depending upon your brand of copier printer the standard maintenance takes 1 to 2 hours.

The fuser is the component in the printer that uses pressure and heat to fuse the toner to the page. In most brands of printers including HP the repair is simple because the fuser comes complete from the manufacturer. However, with Ricoh copier printer, some Sharps, Minolta and Canon it is more cost effective to have the fuser rebuilt. If you own a Kyocera copier printer then your repair is easy just like HP laser printers and fax machines.

The paper feed roller and separation pad/roller work together to squeeze the page from the drawers to pick up one sheet at a time. The rollers are made with rubber or cork that wears out overtime.  If your equipment picks up more than one sheet at a time then its’ an indication that the rollers need replacing.

If your have a MFD (multi-function device) then you have an automatic document feeder. The document feeder works the same was as your laser printer copier paper drawers. Usually when your paper drawers start having problem on your printer then it’s a good idea to replace the pick up roller sans separation pads on your ADF too.

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HP maintenance kits and printer repairs services are fast in South Florida.  HP 50 service error is a common problem with laser printers and requires fuser assembly replacement.  Also,  make sure your HP maintenance service call includes lubrication and cleaning of your printer or copier at no extra cost!

Quality copier printer scanners are designed for 7 to 10 years of life just like your car. I know one client that have many HP laser printer 4+, 5 and 4000’s 8 to 12 years old. They refuse to get rid of them because that HP model laser printer is built like a rock. In fact, they keep ask for refurbished use HP printers!

Does a quality car only have 3 years of life? The average car on the road is over 5 years old. You use a car to get from point A to B. You use a printer, copier and MFD to produce pages with text and graphics. Who says that a new $8,875 copier printer is any better than an off lease recent model (2..3 years old) well maintained used printer copier?  How old is your HP laser printer? Is it still doing the job?

Then why not consider a high quality, select off lease lightly used copier printer that saves you thousands of dollars?

Or do you always need the newest gadget that costs the most and depreciates the fastest?

I’m not talking about the small desktop units. The copier printers discussed are mid to high MFD all in ones that are extremely durable machines with years of life left in them.

Best of all you can grab one for as much as 67% or more off their original price! The trick is knowing which machine to select. Just like the used car business, some used copier printers companies will take you for a real ride!

Off Lease Do’s and Don’ts

First: Know the print or copier company. Have you done business with copier printer service company in the past? Do they offer service or a flat per page, including copier printer repair, parts and supplies? Will used copier company provide client referrals?

Second: How old is the equipment? Stick to equipment no more than 3 years old. You do not want used copiers or printers that have hard to fine parts. The best (most durable and easy to get parts) used copiers are Kyocera, Copystar, Ricoh, Lanier, Gestetner and Savin brands

Third: Check the page count. Just like a used car you want low mileage (low page count). Try to stick to used copiers or refurbished printers with 2 months of duty cycle usage or less. Ask about a maintenance program for the used printer scanner copier.

Fourth: What is the monthly duty cycle? Most companies print less than 19% of the maximum monthly duty cycle. Take the total duty cycle of the used copier and divide it by 5. Your monthly copier usage should be lower than this amount.

Fifth: Know the brand. Not all models and brands are equal. In fact some of the best known brands are the worse to get used. Some will last many years while others are problematic. Call and ask questions.

Example of a Dealer Select and the information discussed:

Mita-Kyocera 4035

Network Copier / Printer / Fax / Scanner / Duplex / Cabinet

Duty Cycle 200,000 per month

Fast 40PPM

Equipment value new with above features: $9,987

2 years old with stand

Current page count 184,743

Maintenance cycle 300,000 pages – this is huge. Most brands have a             80k to 150K maintenance cycle. They machine rocks!

This used copier printer scanner all in one machine has many years of life left.

If you have may questions please feel free to contact us.  See our website for additional information. Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website or call us for a quick response.

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I know you have heard this before: computer Virus, spyware and adware protection is a must. However, how do you determine which anti-virus program is best for your needs?

What do you have in your computer: Norton, MacAfee, PcCillin, Adware, Bit defender?

Which ones work the best? What about virus and spyware updates? You have dozen of choices when it comes to virus and firewall type programs. Sometimes if comes free with your new system for 30 days. Other times the software is included with your internet provider.

However, not all virus programs are created equal.

Just ask any service company and they will give you horror stories of business loosing critical information and paying many hundreds of dollars recovering from a virus or spyware attack that goes through their virus defenses.  Read newspapers all the time and hear about people hacking into systems and grabbing valuable customer information.

These are all virus, spyware, and firewall adware type of attacks. The creators of the virus programs and hacking software find flaws in your software protection and then attack!

Did you know you are liable for people grabbing your client information? You can be sued if you are not protected properly.

Here is a common call from clients:

“I have XXX software installed so I knew I was protected.”

“What? My virus program didn’t stop it?”

“I always update the program why did the virus get through?”

Very simply put – Virus Programs are part pro-active and part re-active. Nobody is always 100% safe. However, there are some clear winners in the virus/virus suites software programs tested by independent facilities. Here are the top two as of this date rated by independent labs:

  1. Bit Defender 2010 (we use this in our office)
  2. PC Shield Total

The above two are well know by computer technicians and large corporate IT people.   The most well know by name are Norton and McAfee which are included with many computer purchases for a short period of time.  Do Norton and McAfee work ok?  Yes.  Are they the best or highly recommended? No – not even close!

We never recommend Norton or McAfee. We get too many calls from clients who have Norton and McAfee and the viruses, spy-ware and ad-ware slip by them and cause havoc with their computers and networks.

How are Virus programs, spy ware and ad ware software rated?

They are rated by effectiveness, easy to use, customer service and pricing. PC Shield Pro has been the top rated one for over the past 2 years.  This is the one we use at our location. It is easy to use and very effective.  Get a complete solution that protects from virus, spy ware (privacy), and ad-ware.

Are they perfect?  No. However they are very, very good at what they do. get the complete virus protection suit that includes firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware and disk clean up utilities.

Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website or call us for a quick response.

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Part II

Part I covers your laser printer, copier printer or all in one office equipments spooler basic print spooler configurations. Other printer configurations including delayed printing of letters and other documents from your copier printer will greatly increase your productivity.

If the noise bothers you when you use the laser printer scanner or the laser printer or copier is near your computer and you don’t want to be disturbed by printer noise, you can pause the printer. Right-click on the printer’s or Copier’s icon and in the popup menu click on “Pause Printing”. Then when you are ready to go to break or lunch, click on “Pause Printing” again to let the printer work while you are away.

If your computers operating system is Windows 2000, Visa or XP, you can schedule exactly when the print will start. First you will need to pause or stop the copier scanner printer before you print the letter. Then double-click on the printer’s icon to open the printer’s queue window. Then Right-click on the name of the letter in the queue and select “Properties” in the popup window. On the “General” tab, in the “Schedule” section, set the radio button for “Only from” and set a time interval during which you want the letter to print.

If you have the required rights, rather than schedule when the letter will print through your copier printer, you can set a time interval during which the printer is available. In the print queue windows “Printer” menu, select “Properties”. In the windows printers Properties dialog box, on the “Advanced” tab, set the “Available” time interval for the printer.

If you want quick access to these various printer or copier scanner configurations, click on the “Add Printer” icon and use the “Add Printer Wizard” to install another copy of your printer. On the “Add Printer Wizard” where you select “Keep existing driver” or “Replace existing driver”, set the radio button to “Keep existing driver”. Give the printer copier a descriptive name on the “Printer name:” page. Example of names HP LaserJet lunchtime, sharp copier after hours, etc…

When you print, select the desired configuration from the “Print” dialog box of you copier printer scanner.  An easier way is to create desktop short cuts to the configurations.  Make a shortcut for lunch time, after hours or first thing in morning.  Yes, you can drag the letter to the “Lunchtime LaserJet” shortcut at any time and the print will be ready when you return from lunch.

Remember you don’t have to accept Windows default configurations for printing. You can have your letters printed immediately or at a time of your choice through short cuts or selecting for the configuration screen of the printer copier scanner.

When you start using the lunch time and after hours printer spooling commands it’s essential that your laser printer, copeir printer and other all in one office equipment is always in great working order.

Just like you car that needs oil changes and new tires, your laser printer, digital copier printers and all in one office equipment needs maintenance to provide quality prints and years of service before breakdowns.

Ask Advanced Business Computers Inc. how to get 100% FREE maintenance on your office equipment now!  In fact, they will provide a FREE maintenance of your laser printer just for trying a toner cartridge.

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How to Trouble Shoot Laser Printers Digital Copiers

We received several calls a day to provide a FREE estimate to service HP laser printers, Ricoh copiers, Sharp printer copiers, and Canon copiers and other digital copiers and laser printers scanners.  With introduction of many low cost laser printer by HP and Brother MFC printer scanner fax all in one machine, clients do not want o spend the money for a service call before getting an idea of the actual total cost to service repair HP’s and other equipment.

When you call an authorized HP service center, Lexmark dealer or copier Repair Company have the following information ready to get a quick free phone quote. This will save you time and hassle when dealing with printer or copier printer repair centers.

1.  The model and make of the laser printer, copier scanner or fax machine you want serviced.

2.  If the laser printer or copier scanner all in one has an LCD write down any error codes displayed.  If a message on the copier printer write it down too.

3.  If you are having an image with your HP printer or other copier scanner then be able to describe the image problem.  Line down the middle, repeated pattern on page, etc.

4.  If you all in one or laser copier printer has a jam describe where the paper is stuck: under the toner cartridge, in the paper tray, etc.

Now armed with the information on your HP laser printer, Canon copier or copier printer call the printer service or copier repair center.  Give them the information collected and if they can not give you an accurate estimate on the phone go to another repair service center for your printer or copier.

Unless your actual problem is very unusual or the problem only happens occasionally then the Hp printer repair center should provide an accurate quote right over the phone quickly.

Here is a tip: Stay from the HP, Okidata, Lexmark, Sharp, and Ricoh nationwide service numbers.  97% of the time they outsource their work and charge twice as much as your local authorized print or copier service center.

Better yet contact us if you want a 97% accurate or help even with your printer or copier problem whether HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Sharp, Canon, Sharp, Ricoh or other brand. Even ask about 100% totally FREE repairs too!

Please feel free to post a message r ask questions.

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Did you know that the HP laser printers are actually made by Canon? HP laser printer marketing has captured the majority of the printer copier market. However, their laser printer and all in one toner based machine are actually made by Canon Corporation. Of top major laser printer copier manufacturers Brother and Lexmark make their own printers, copiers sand all in one machines.  Dell laser printers are either Lexmark or Samsung printers.

Now you know who makes them so let see how the digital laser printer copier cartridges work in simple terms.

When the laser printer copier received the information from your computer is builds image in its memory.  Once the image is completely compiled in the copier printer memory, the controller starts to lay the magnetic image (latent image) on the drum unit using a laser light. The laser light puts a charge on the toner cartridge drum where it wants to attract toner of the copier laser printer.

If you have a HP laser printer or Lexmark then the drum is part of the printer’s toner cartridge. Brother MFC, Okidata laser printers, Sharp, Ricoh and Gestetner have separate toners and drum units.

In the laser printer and digital copier, as the drum rotates the toner it attracted toner to the magnetic image on the drum. The toner is hold in the cartridge toner reservoir. At the same time the paper is subject to a high voltage to produce a magnetic charge on the laser printer copiers’ paper.  The paper passes below the drum and attracts the toner on the drum thus “transferring the image” to the paper.

As the drum continues around the drum blade wipes off the excess toner and discharges the magnetic latent image. Now what the difference between compatible and OEM cartridges?

First, what’s OEM?  It means “Original equipment manufacturer”. In other words, HP printers are a Canon cartridge that is relabeled and sold as an HP toner cartridge. All toner cartridge, whether compatible or one work the same way. The trick is to find a company who does a fantastic job in making compatible toner cartridges for laser printers copiers.

The best way is to test drive a cartridge. Ask you local companies to test drive a compatible cartridge. Many companies will even give you FREE printer maintenance just for trying their toner laser printer cartridge service. Call or request a Free 21 day trial now!

Do you a FREE toner cartridge trial contact us nowAdvanced Business Computer, Inc.

How to Recovery Windows XP Crash Curruption Problems

How to Recovery Windows XP Problems

When XP arrived several years ago it was a pain in the XXXXX.  Recovering for system crush of Windows XP took hours and cause major frustration . Windows XP technicians had to discover tricks to get the system back up and running after a system failure.  One trick to repair your computer XP problem or command not well known by many end-users is the XP Rebuild command.  This is only good if you have your Windows XP CD’s or recovery Cd’s that came with your system.

The better known Last Good Configuration reboot works to repair some of the computers’ XP failures. However, when you have a corrupt HAl.DDL or Boot.ini you need a better method of recovering (usually a complete Windows XP system reload).

First, if at all possible BACKUP your Windows XP system (the data files).  If you have important data there is a very good chance that it will be lost once you start this Windows XP system recovery procedure. If you need help backing up your contact us first!

If you are comfortable with some basic Windows XP OS commands next time you get one of these errors try this if the version of XP is the same as presently installed in your system:

1. Put in your XP setup CD and enter the recovery console.

2. Go to you root directory C:  of your computer

3. Type the following   attrib boot.ini -H -R -S

4. Use the rename the boot.ini file to boot.old

5. Run bootcfg  /rebuild

6. Run Fixboot

Now reboot your Windows XP system and see if it worked. If this does not work then you may need to take a few additional steps or procedures.

If your version of Windows XP in your system is newer than the on ones the CD’s then you need to create or obtain a new setup CD to match the current version in your system first.  Or go throght the Microsoft Windows XP online update process.

If the above process does not work then you may need to expand your usage of the Windows XP recovery console. In that case you either need to be well versed in its usage or have a professional handle the problem.

IMPORTANT:  What you should not do if you value your data and you do not have a valid backup of your data:

Use the recovery CD’s reinstall XP over your current corrupt version of XP.

Most system recovery CD’s are designed to get you back to a clean system as if you just purchased the computer.  It does not fix a corrupt system or save your valuable information.  In some cases using the recovery CD’s corrupts your system even more or places a second version of XP on your system and sets you for future problems.
Also, make sure you always have a valid backup of your data (documents). A few minutes backup time a week could save your business in the future.

If you have a problem with your system it is better to get some advice before attempting a fix it yourself. Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website or call us for a quick response.

I hope this Windows XP recovery article was helpful. If you have questions please feel free to contact us or visit us on the web.


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Part I

You have the ability under the Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating system to exert great control over your printers, copiers and MDF print copier scanners. You can by pass printer spoolers and default printer configuration to achieve copier printer scanner greater productivity. You do this by configuring your HP printer “Spool Settings” and “Print Queue”.

Your software program can transfer its information much faster than any laser printer can create the document on paper. When you print a letter or document, whether from a laser printer, copier printer all in one or other MFD the information goes to a “spooler” which acts as a buffer between your application and the printer. The printer spooler is a buffer area that controls when the document/letter goes to the selected laser printer, digital copier printer or other all in one device.

If you need a print immediately, you can set the spool to start printing as soon as it gets enough data to create the first page of the document. But this forces your application to wait until that first page is transferred to the spool.

If you prefer to continue working with your application, you can set the spool to start printing after it has received the entire letter. This moves the printing operation to the background.

How to Configure your Printer Copier or All in One Spooler

To configure the HP printer Spool Setting, select Start Settings | Printers. In the Windows Laser printer window, right-click on the icon for the printer you want, and in the popup window select “Properties”. In the laser printer Properties dialog box, on the “Details” tab, click on the [Spool Settings…] button.

Go to the Spool Settings dialog box of Microsoft of the copier printer scanner, set the radio button for “Spool print jobs so program finishes printing faster”. You will need to   set the radio button for either “Start printing after last page is spooled”, or “Start printing after first page is spooled” for the laser printer.

You can bypass the printer spooler of the copier printer scanner if you set the radio button for “Print directly to the printer”. This will bypass the spool entirely.  You may not have the rights to do this if the printer copier scanner is shared. If you have the required rights, you can temporarily disable copier printer sharing for your HP printer scanner or other brand.

Other printer configurations including delayed printing of letters and other documents from your copier printer will be covered in Part II. Knowing how to configure you laser printer or digital copier will greatly increase your productivity.

Also, to keep you equipment in top running order you will need to maintain it through annual procedures of cleaning, lubrication of the moving parts and adjustments.

Just like you car that needs oil changes and new tires, your laser printer, digital copier printers and all in one office equipment needs maintenance to provide quality prints and years of service before breakdowns.

Ask Advanced Business Computers Inc. how to get 100% FREE maintenance on your office equipment now!  In fact, they will provide a FREE maintenance of your laser printer just for trying a toner cartridge.

Free help, Free Trial and the Best Service.  Look for Part II of this article soon from Advanced Business Computers printer copier fax computer Help Center.

Your friends at Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Copier Printer Fax Scanner Costs On The Rise!

According the GSA, company’s printers, fax machines and copiers cost  “on the average $1000 per employee per year or more.”   According to Xerox, company’s copier printer environment costs an average of 3% of a company’s TOTAL GROSS revenue.

Every dollar you save in your copier printer scanner increases your company’s profit.  Budgets for toner cartridge  supplies are growing by 20-40% per year;  Dataquest, IDC and CAP Ventures have all concluded that copier printer scanner page volumes are growing at a compound annual growth rate of roughly 8%. Printer cost is increasing not decreasing and the majority of the company’s do not have controls in place. PrintSolv print management solves this problem

Wait, it’s important to know the facts about print management before you tackle your print related costs.

True Print Management is the way your companies copier printer scanner equipment are acquired, maintained, supplied and distributed. It is not an equipment lease program. The problem is that many copier printer leasing and service companies are yelling Print Management when they are actually in the business of pushing (selling you) equipment. To them copier printer scanner print management is just another “catch word” just like the word “Digital” was a few years ago.

And here is the most important factor. . . .

“True Print Management is cost avoidance, cost reduction,  copier printer equipment management and scanner maintenance. It is not buying, leasing or equipment centralizing program.”  It’s a Pro-active not Re-active program.

Buying vs. PrintSolv Copier Printer Scanner Management Solution

Here are 7 reasons to consider PrintSolv verse purchasing equipment:

(1) It keeps your cash free to help your business grow instead of tying it up in expensive printers copiers and scanner equipment. Your business needs cash to survive.  Every time you tie it up in capital equipment, you limit your cash available for marketing, inventory and other useful purposes. Why constrain your company’s growth?

(2) Your company gets to write off the complete program amount fast instead of slowly depreciating the copier, printer or fax equipment over a bunch of years. The US government classifies most office equipment as five year or longer equipment.  This means you have to depreciate over a long period if you own the equipment.  The Advanced Business Computers Inc. programs give you the ability to write it 100% at the time of the expense.  This lowers the taxes and simplifies your accounting!

(3) Concerns of printer, copier and scanner obsolescence is no longer a factor.  Technology moves so fast that computer, copier, printer and fax machine companies are introducing new equipment and discontinuing others daily.

Hewlett Packard stated that they will introduce new printers at least once every 6 months.  You no longer have the luxury to think that the equipment you buy today will do the things you want it to do 3 years from now.

(4) The PrintSolv Solution has been designed to address the four cornerstones of business copier printer management in today’s cost conscience environment: process and performance improvements, cost containment, cost avoidance, and cost savings. The program is the most strategic approach to print management available in the marketplace today.

(5) This gives you the a method to manage your copier printers scanners equipment and obtain equipment you NEED (if any) instead of just equipment you can afford due to cash on hand and budget concerns.

How many times have you a printer or copier just based on price instead of what you need to grow your business?  Does cash on hand limit your purchasing abilities?  Would a faster printer or more efficient copier scanner get you more business or reduce your direct overhead costs (labor, outside printing, etc.)?

(6) If you need new equipment then you have a choice. The PrintSolv solution is very much independent of any particular brand and represents an independent solution to controlling costs and managing print environments

(7) The solutions will cost you no more than any other service provider in the market, but we provide you with more than our competitors can ever provide, including the kind of meaningful data on your company’s print environment that enable very real return-on-investment decisions. And yes, it is highly likely that we will be able to save you money as well, both short-term and long-term savings.

Plus, the programs provide a hedge against inflation.  Instead of using today’s dollars, spread the cost out with tomorrow’s cheaper dollars.

Call and ask for. . .

“What Tricks Copier printer Leasing Companies Play and Do Not Want YOU To Know”

(the DIRTY little secrets that makes them rich and legally steal money from You!)

How do you think Xerox, Canon,. Sharp, Ricoh and Minolta became so big? That’s right get the 100% Free report! Request it through our website or ask for it in the comment area!

If you have may questions please feel free to contact us.  See our website for additional information. Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website or call us for a quick response.

(And legally rip you off!)

Did you see part one of tricks copier leasing companies play? This continues where we left off discussing how to prevent being ripped-of by copier leasing companies and copier maintenance service providers. If you are not careful your copier lease will end with you shelling out more major bucks for a copier printer that you could have owned for $1!

The old saying what the goose does not know is good for the gander (or is it the other way around?).  In other words, the more you are kept in the dark by the office copier leasing company then more they profit from you.

More things you need to know before you sign a copier printer lease maintenance agreement:

Know your contract. We just received a call from a client who leased a copier printer from Toshiba of Florida.  This is a client who didn’t make sure the copier printer lease buy-out was specified in dollars amounts in their lease.  Toshiba copier leasing said $5000 – the client said, “You got to be kidding!

This is what happened:  First they did not check the contract before they signed (see Tricks Copier Leasing companies play Part I).  Second they waited too late to ask them the buy out amount of the copier MFD lease.  The copier printer lease required a 90 day notice so since their request for the copier lease buy-out was 60 from the lease expiration the leasing company could charge them anything the wanted.

Also, check the expiration date of your lease of your copier printer scanner equipment way, way before expiration.

Guess what happened next?  They told the leasing company they do not want to renew the copier printer lease agreement.  Toshiba said fine and told the client to ship the machine back to Toshiba in Georgia.  Client reaction,” What???”  The leasing company of the copier printer wanted the client to spend several hundred of dollars to ship via a freight company (this is a large copier printer).

Result: They called our office, Advanced Business Computers Inc and we help them review the contract and proved that Toshiba copier leasing company was responsible to pickup the machine. The client lost the chance to get the copier MFD machine for pennies on the dollar; however, they did save big time on shipping costs.

Now they are reviewing leases from copier printer companies armed with information so they will not get hooked into another bad digital copier printer fax lease.

Never Get a Chance to See Other Offers: This is a sales gimmick or trick used by all major copier leasing companies.  The gimmick, “Do not give other copier leasing companies a chance and screw the clients!” This is how the leasing tricks works:

A. You sign a copier lease and maintenance agreement fro a period of 3 or 5 years.

B.  Half way into the copier lease agreement the leasing company comes to you and says, “Why don’t we upgrade your copier printer at no charge?” You say, “That sounds great”.

They deliver an upgraded copier printer and have you sign an agreement that REPLACESS the older agreement. The new agreement is for ANOHTER 3 or 5 years.

What did they just do?  They just got you for another bunch of years. The copier leasing companies do this again and again. The lease never ends. You never get a chance to own the equipment. Plus, you never get to get a competitive offer from a different leasing company because your current leasing company keeps locking you into long copier lease over and over again!

There are other tricks leasing companies play. If you need somebody who knows the tricks to review your current or proposed lease agreement contact us.  Get a clear English copier lease agreement with everything spelled out.

If you need to know faster how to prevent getting hooked into an expensive lease and ticks copier leasing companies play contact me now  through our blog or go ahead to our website for a quick response. I hope this article was helpful.


Your Friends at Advanced Business Computers Inc.