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Computer Data Security – The Most Overlooked Aspects

by Michael Klein Advanced Business Computers, Inc.

Most companies fall in three basic security categories:

(1) Why worry about it?  In other words, wait until my business gets clobbered and my computer data is corrupted  before I do anything beyond basic virus scanning.

(2) Yes, I have purchased computer data security backup software Protection and backup on a regular basis; which means I have spent money on a software suite usually recommended by a store clerk – not an IT professional, plus, I back up but I have not tested the backup.

(3) We take security seriously and our IT people are on top of all computer security theft issues plus all their regular workload. This is the best case, however, how much time does the person actually invest in research and review security procedures and client data liability (legal) issues with the company’s staff? How do they enforce remote data access and disposal of paper and equipment?

No matter what the size of your organization there are some basic and not so basic security anti-theft computer  procedures which your company needs to incorporate to protect against intrusion, data liability and equipment security.

Here are two of the most overlooked areas in businesses:

Physical Security – this is a major lethal oversight by many companies. Ask yourself what would happen if somebody took your computer data with all your client information? Do you maintain credit card, medical, financial or other personal information in your system? Did you know that you are legally liable for the information? You may say, “I have passwords”.  On many systems you can bypass passwords using free software downloaded on the internet. Have you thought about idenity theft?

As of this date, I know of 15 people who fell victims to credit card identity theft due to the data theft. It didn’t cost them a cent; except for many months of frustration, wrecked credit, and headaches to get it straighten out and they were the lucky.  most of the time people lose thousand of dollars due identity theft.

However, the credit card company lost thousands. Every year MAJOR companies all over the US are attached by data theft.

How do you protect your equipment? Lock doors, secure access doors, cameras, security devices?  Who has access to facilities and workstations? These are just some of the physical computer security  issues you should review to protect your business.

Equipment and media Disposal – How often do you throw away CD’s, DVD’s and old equipment? Many companies shred some documents. However, have you looked in your company’s dumpster to see what is missing and what about those CD’s and DVD containing company information?  You may be surprised at to what you may find.

How do you set a policy and check to see if your staff follows them? Do you have a centralized collection bin to collect paper, CD’s and DVD’s to shred? What about old equipment?

Cell phones, PDA, hard drives are just a few pieces of equipment that may have valuable information (passwords, pin, card numbers, etc). “Purge them before you dispose of them.” Protect your business. In the next issue we will cover 2…3 more security issues.

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How Simple Steps Saves you Hundreds On your Laser Printer, Copier and Fax Repairs

Do you do regular maintenance on your laser printers, copiers, or fax machines?  Your printer, copier printer or fax machine are just like your car that require oil changes and new tires. Your office equipment needs regular maintenance and lubrication to produce quality prints and provide years of service. The laser printers and digital copiers have many gears, rubber rollers and other parts that break down.

When they break the repair bill could cost hundreds of dollars. You can prevent costly laser printer repairs and copier service.  What are the basic maintenance procedures to keep your laser printer, digital copier and fax machines working longer between breakdowns?

5 Hot Tips To Prolong The Life of Your Laser Printer, Copier printer or Fax Machine

First tip Power. Please always power off your photocopier before you do any of the following maintenance on your LaserJet printer or plain paper fax machine. Also, these tips are for toner based printers, copiers and fax machines. They are not for ink based machines such as desk jets, photo smart, multi-pass, office jets, etc).

Second tip Cleaning. Simple right?  Over time dirt, toner and paper accumulates in your laser printer and copiers. Use vacuum designed for toner removal to clean out your printer, copier and fax once a month. This will help prevent dirt from destroying your drums and fuser assembly.

Third tip Use paper quality. Use paper that produces less paper residue and fibers. Paper leaves behind fibers (paper particles) that accumulate in your laser printer, digital copier and fax machines.  Just like dirt, over time paper fibers will cause damage to your drum, transfer corona rollers and fuser assemblies. Plus, they will even cause some paper jam problems from the paper trays.

Forth tip Lubrication. This one you may need a service technician for this one.  All toner based machines have fuser assemblies and drive gears.  If your fuser assembly fails it’s a costly repair.

The best suggestion I have is to ask your toner supply company to see if they will lubricate your copier or printer FREE when they deliver your toner cartridges. If you use a company that offers supplies and repairs then they should do this for FREE.

This should be done approximately every 30,000 to 40,000 pages. If you are not sure ask you printer or copier repair company for recommended lubrication intervals for your photocopier or laser printer.

Fifth tip Power Protection. Protect your laser printer, photocopier or fax machine form power problems causes by surges, brownouts and lightening.  However, did you know that not all surge protectors are not created equal?  You want a surge protector with a rating of 1200 joules or higher.

WARNING: Do not put printers, copiers or fax machines on an UPS.

Laser printer repairs are expensive. Photocopier service calls are even more. Maintenance is cheap and sometimes 100% free.

Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website for a quick response. I hope this article was helpful.