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Color printer copier costs and leasing

Color printer copier costs compared to a standard black and white office equipment if much more expensive due many factors. However, in terms of company marketing and appearance it’s a must for service businesses.  Whether you are a large company or a one man show appearance does make a difference. Send letters or proposals not using color in the document gives you the appearance of being a small shop with limited abilities. Small color printers do not provide the abilities of creating full size brochures (11 x 17 folded in half), stapling or booklet issues.


What is the cost of a full size color copier printer scanner that can produce pages sizes standard 8.5 by 11 to 11 x 17 tabloid sizes?  We are not going to discuss the actual copier printer leasing costs of the hardware but instead just the supply side.  Business class printer copiers each contain 4 drums, 4 developers, 4 toners, image unit and fuser.  Each time a page is produces each of the items are used up a bit.  Toner is replaced most often and then the drum/developer. The fuser and transfer kits last much longer. On the average it cost between $.04 to $0.12 per standard size page.  The least expensive units cost the most to use and the high end cost the least to use.


If you do not expect a high volume of color printing then we suggest obtaining a dealer select unit from Advanced Business Computers located in South Florida to keep your costs down while still getting a quality high end color printer copier scanner.   Typical printer copier leases start from $137 per month including all supplies, maintenance and repairs.  Currently, dealer select Ricoh and Okidata offer the best quality dealer select units that are durable and low cost to operate.

Short term copier printer rental for a week to a few months is costly due to time involved in delivering, setting up, installing software and connecting to computers.  If your needs is for a low volume copier printer that only does up to standard size pages it may be better to obtain a desktop unit for a $300 such as a Brother MFC dollars than spending$697 or more for a week/month of a full size floor unit. However, the floor copier printer units will  accommodate paper sizes up to 11 x 17, have multiple drawers and provide more abilities.

First determine you printer copier scanner needs and requirements If you are producing over 1000 pages a week and you need the unit for a month or more then the full size unit will save you time and possibly money.  The low end desktop units costs much more in supplies and rental of copier printer machines include supplies, installation and maintenance.  In addition, if you need color then the rental or lease of a unit reduce costs when compared to sub $1000 desktop color unit.

Many construction companies use short term leases/rentals of Ricoh, Kyocera and Sharp copier printers because the are robust durable units when compared to other bands. The Ricoh copier printers offer great color at a low per page cost and include network, copying, scanning, faxing and printing in Mac and Windows based environments.

When you check on prices make sure you look at what pages are included with the copier printer lease or rental. Then check the overage costs. Overage is the cost you will be charged per page if you go over the number of pages included in the agreement. Its best to under estimate the page than over estimate so you do not pay for pages not used.  Usually short term leases are restricted to unit the company has in stock to keep costs down. If you want a new office machine printer copier scanner for a short term period be prepared for extremely high quotes because the units cost thousands of dollars new.

Whether you are seeking to replace equipment coming off-lease, or are in the process of beginning a new business or work site; office equipment is essential to keeping a well-running space. However, finding the best printer copier scanner equipment at a great price can be frustrating. Due to the rising costs of such office equipment, many clients are choosing durable a gently used printer copier scanner on the market instead of leasing or buying new. If you are in the market for new office equipment, consider the advantages of buying gently used copiers over new office equipment.

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Copier printer dealer Select

Dealer Select copier printer scanner lease certified MFD equipment is a business class, low page meter, demo units or slightly used copiers, multi-function that are true work horses designed for millions of pages. Lease certified Dealer Select units have been well maintained and guaranteed to be quality certified for lease. Certification requires each machine to be completely checked by certified technicians, rollers, gears, belts, drums, toners, fusers, pads, and other normal wear parts replaced. They have to have LOW current meter page count – under 3 months of actual duty cycle usage.

Lease certified dealer Select gives you the assurance that the equipment you receive will be trouble free and provide many years of quality service. You will save 35% to 57% off the price of a new unit by selecting certified lease printer copier dealer select units. Plus, most of the time the Dealer Select is a higher end model than the new ones quoted!

All dealer select unit have full 100% warranty on all equipment from 90 days to 5 years. You are 100% covered for all parts and labor. Advanced Business Computers will deliver and install the unit. This insures that the equipment is certified for warranty!

All dealer select refurbished copiers printers come with fresh Supplies – Why pay a cent more for supplies? These certified used Copier Printer Scanner MFD machines will arrive ready to run! Completely refurbished by certified technicians. All printers, faxes and MFD’s go through a 67 point reconditioning process. Simply put, all equipment is rigorously inspected, parts replaced, and system tested to greatly reduce problems and hassles so they are certified lease ready. Most office equipment companies do not offer leases on refurbished units. However, these Dealer Select refurbished copiers and MFD’s are different. Advanced Business Computers Inc. dealer select copier printer scanners are 100% certified lease approved.


New printer copier vs refurbished off leased

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Great office equipment support and service

Why select an independent office equipment dealer?

The difference between dependent and independent dealers is important to know when a company. As an independent dealers, Advanced Business Computers Inc. is a non-quota authorized dealer for various brands of copiers, printer copier, scanners, and other office equipment.  Independent dealer of office products & equipment are not limited to any one equipment manufacturer.  However, dependent dealers are REQUIRED to meet monthly hardware selling quotas. Dependent dealers are driven to push new equipment instead of allocating your current equipment in the best manner to better control your print environment.

Advanced Business Computers Inc., as an Independent dealer, is free to give you expertise in the industry to provide you with a solution driven cost reduction approach without the pressure to sell you equipment due to quotas.  Are our prices on new equipment the lowest?  No.  No dealer can compete against manufacturer direct hard selling quota based sells people.  We are not employees of Sharp, Ricoh, HP, Kyocera and other manufacturers of  printer copier office equipment.

 Independent Dealer Advantage

As an independent manufacturer authorized dealer;  service to keep your operation running smoothly is the main focus not selling you unjustified more expensive equipment.  In addition, obtaining new equipment is not always the best fit for a company.

In many instances Dealer Select equipment is better suited for a department or cost center than higher cost new units. You may need the functionality of a new unit but your volume in a particular area may be low. Why put a high price new machine when you can have a heavier duty lower cost Dealer Select unit?  When offered this solution, clients have picked the Dealer select over high cost new units 7 to 1 since 2005! They get a heavier duty unit which means less break downs at lower cost than a new unit. This is the advantage over dependent dealers who must sell new office equipment even if you do not need it!

Yes! Advanced Business Computers is an authorized dealers for many brands of office equipment which provides you with technicians with a very broad range of talents and service certifications.  You get carefully selected  equipment from the various OEM manufacturers.  Products that meet high standards of functionality and reliability based on your needs. These choices are based on hands on experience with the actual machines. You benefit from over 25 years of experience since 1988 from technicians. Advanced Business Computers Inc. sales staff were all technicians or IT people first.

The foremost criteria for any office equipment product offered, “Is it reliable?”, because unreliable office equipment is no bargain at any price.     Selecting a office equipment hardware company is only one step in keeping our company running smoothly.  Please ask questions or request a hands on evaluation to get a better idea of how to control your company office equipment assets including employee related costs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

P.S.    Anybody can say they provide independent reliable office equipment and service – but do they? One simple call to and you will notice the difference.  The focus should be on your needs not selling equipment or locking you into long term contracts.

    Ricoh is well know for its reliable color printer copier printer equipment.   However, the cost to own the units can be prohibitive for many companies unless you look a off lease lightly used units. Why lease a new unit when a used one with many years left of great service can provide your company a lower alternative.  Since its a off lease your monthly cost will be much lower (40% to 57% lower).  Through Advanced Business Computers located in Miami Florida you haev the option to lease, rent or even purchase a completely refurbished used Ricoh unit at a substantial savings.
    Presently, the Ricoh Aficio MP C4502/MP C5502 Series of the MP-C4501 or 5501 series offers a powerful integration of speed and reliability that improves both personal and work group productivity at hundreds less than new units.. The copier printers prints or copies up to 55 pages-per-minute.  Both series offers fast warm up time and energy efficiency which means faster output and less waiting. Individual prints or copies take less than six seconds. A choice of three finishing options — including a 2,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher — adds a professional touch to any document.
     Configure the Ricoh Aficio MP C4502/MP C5502 Series to align perfectly with the way you like to work. A tiltable, full-color control panel features a customizable, personal Home Screen. You can quickly configure workflows, choose icons and create convenient single-step shortcuts for frequently used operations. Assign personal preferences
and selected functions to five, one-touch function keys. An external keyboard can be connected via a USB port to accommodate users who prefer traditional keyboard input to a touch screen. A time-saving Auto Job Promotion feature elevates jobs higher in the print queue if they are being blocked by jobs stopped due to errors.

        The difference between dependent and independent dealers is important to know when a company. As an independent dealers, Advanced Business Computers Inc. is a non-quota authorized dealer for various brands of copiers, printers, scanners, and other office equipment.  Independent dealer of office products & equipment are not limited to any one equipment manufacturer.  However, dependent dealers are REQUIRED to meet monthly hardware selling quotas. Dependent dealers are driven to push new equipment instead of allocating your current equipment in the best manner to better control your print environment.

Advanced Business Computers Inc., as an Independent dealer, is free to give you expertise in the industry to provide you with a solution driven cost reduction approach without the pressure to sell you equipment due to quotas.  Are our prices on new equipment the lowest?  No.  No dealer can compete against manufacturer direct hard selling quota based sells people.  We are not employees of Sharp, Ricoh, HP, Kyocera and other manufacturers of office equipment.

Kyocera a long time favorite for low cost but very durable office equipment 3540 series gives you fast output speeds of 40 pages per minute, scanning speeds of 40 images per minute and a standard 75 sheet automatic reversing document processor, the ECOSYS M3040dn and ECOSYS M3540dn do not compromise on productivity. Work groups will appreciate the myriad of time and cost saving features which have been incorporated into the design of these devices. Additionally, their long-life components ensure low running costs as well as low environmental impact.  Its a true business class copier printer for department level or small business.

The Kyocera copier printer bet in class is configured with copier, printer, scanner and fax for all your office needs. The cost of owner ship is under $0.01 per page. Kyocera know for durability has a maintenance kit that last 300.000 page on the M3540 and 500,000 page on the M3560 models.  You can lease the model from Advanced Business Computers an authorized Kyocera dealer and repair netter located in south Florida starting at #127 per month including supplies and maintenance.

For work groups who demand a compact, flexible and easy to use multi-functional device, the ECOSYS M3040idn and ECOSYS 3540idn offer the ideal solution. Both models have been designed to maximize efficiency of document throughput whilst minimizing user time. Thanks to their full color touch screen operation panel and integrated HyPAS™platform, users can customize these devices to suit their specific needs. With output speeds of 40 pages per minute users need also not compromise on workflow efficiency. Add to this, long-life components that provide exceptional reliability and low running costs which minimize the impact on the environment, these devices really do offer an unbeatable package. Contact Advanced Business Computers for all you copier printer scanner repair maintenance and leasing needs in south Florida.


Do you shop for equipment buy price or the cost to operate. If you are just printing or copying under 30 pages a day then a low cost HP Office jet or photo smart may work for you. However, if your volume i 50 pages per day or higher its very wise to determine the cost of the supplies and how long the cartridges last before you buy you equipment.   When a client ask us for a quote on a new printer or copier they first thing we ask is how many pages do you produce in a month. If you do not know then ask your self how often do you buy a case (10 reams) of paper. Each case contains 5,000 pages.  If you buy 1 case every two months then you are using 2,500 a month or about 750 pages a week.

No considered that the lower the cost of the equipment the more costly it is to use and less durable. If you buy a $300 HP, canon or Lexmark printer copier expect to spend .03 (three cents) per black white page and around 12 cents on color just on the supplies.  If you do just black and white pages then your weekly cost will be $22.5 and monthly $90. So within 3 months you have spend as much on supplies as the equipment.  If you use color 50% of the time then your color cost will be $180 a month. That’s a lot of money to spend on supplies!  Now consider a business class unit that is much more durable, much more reliable , has more features and faster and cost less per month. Call Advanced Business Computers now for a free estimate on a business class unit. You can lease a color unit including the first 3,000 per month for under $127 a month.



Companies are keeping their office equipment, such as their copier repair scanner multi-function devices, longer.  Gone are the times many companies blindly replace equipment every 3 to 5 years. If your copier printer is doing the work load required then why pay more for a new equipment just to be stuck in another lease for many years. The main problem with keeping older copier printers beyond 3 to 5 yrs are the changes in the computer operating system. Microsoft has changed the operating system from Windows 7,  8 ,  8.1 and now Windows 10 all in the last 7 years.  Many companies experience connective problems and image quality problems when they upgrade their computers but keep their 3 year old printer copiers.

If you are experiencing problems with connecting older equipment with newer machines you are not alone.  The business class copier printer scanners have inside them software called firmware. This firmware is the go between “translator” of commands between the computers device driver (software in your computer) and the hardware in the printer copier scanner multi-function device.   Many times when a operating system changes the firmware needs to be updated to work properly.  You may experience communication failure,  inability to scan to computers and even image quality issues if the firmware is not updated.

Depending upon the printer copier and your technical abilities you may be able to upgrade the firmware yourself. However, not all firmware upgrades are obtainable from the manufacturers website to download.  Many require technical expertise and cards to perform the upgrades. If you try and the firmware upgrade fails to install properly in your printer copier then the machine may go down 100% and possibly lose your system settings.  It’s recommended to call a company that specializes in business class multi-functions to determine if its end user upgradable or not.

Advanced Business Computers Inc. located in South Florida specializes in Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera, Okidata, HP, Lexmark and other brands of printer copiers.  If  you are in the Southeast Florida area contact them to get reliable information on your  printer copier scanner including problem resolution and firmware upgrades

The new version of Windows is out -Version 10 and Microsoft is offering a limited time free upgrade from Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. Microsoft knows windows 8 was a flop.  80% of out computer clients are still using windows 7 and many windows 8 users know the pain of connecting the copier printers and scanners to a windows 8 system.  What many people do not know is that many times when an operating system is changed the hardware may need to be updated too.   Printers, Copiers and scanners have internal firmware. Firmware is software that copier and printer repair technicians update to get hardware to work with new operating systems. However, there is a couple problems with firmware updates.

Okidata MSP3537 Basic model without stand or added drawers

Okidata MSP3537 Basic model without stand or added drawers

The number one problem is that the firmware update software does not always work so some times when the firmware is updated it causes the hardware to crash and there is no way to recover (you can not put back the old firmware in the hardware).  Sometimes even with the new firmware the equipment it does not solve networking issues with new operating systems.  When on a network there are many, many things that can prevent communication between the device and the network and 97% of the time is a operating system issue not a device. issue.  Copier printer technicians usually know basic networking , however, depending upon  a companies network IT person they may have set up a network with restrictions that can prevent communication with copiers printers which a standard copier repair person can not resolve.

We highly recommend, if possible, get your free version of Windows 10 software on CD but do not install it.  Hopefully, in 12 months or so after most of the bugs get out and when hardware manufacturers produce update firmware to communicate with Windows 10 you can then install it.  However, always consult your IT person and your Hardware people to make sure they know for a fact that the hardware will work with Windows 10 before installing the new operating system.

As in all equipment before placing any document scanner repair service or maintenance request call make sure you have the basic details including model, manufacturer and basis problem. If you are having a scanner paper jam be ready to tell the technician on the phone where the paper is getting suck. In the feeder? Inside the unit? Upon exit?

If you are having a document scanner communication problem (images not being sent to your computer) check the cabling first. then reboot your computer and try again. Many times a scanner will stop working due to an unknown communication problem between your devices.

When you contact the scanner repair facility if they cannot give you an estimate over the phone look someplace else.  Many companies you see on the internet are just referral companies. They say they cover the whole USA but they actually bid out your service call to somebody close to your location so there is a good chance the scanner repair technician is what we call a one man show contractor (not a company just a one person business).  Get a local document scanner repair company not is at all possible.

When taking to the technician on the phone the tech should ask you basic trouble shooting questions. Again if they do not ask you relevant questions then go someplace else.  An reliable scanner repair company will be about to diagnose 97% of all problems over the phone to give you an accurate repair cost.

The majority of scanner problems are related to ADF feeding and communication. Maintenance kits for scanners repairs will last anywhere from 50K to over 250,000 pages depending upon the make and model of your document scanner. The next most frequent scanner repair problems are excessive paper fibers in the unit, dirty cameras and paperclips/staples stuck inside the unit which usually require a technician to resolve. be careful if you plan to do self repair because scanners require calibration and if your unit gets out of calibration it could be a costly mistake.

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